Top 5 Airsoft Scopes

Top 5 Airsoft Scopes

Accuracy is essential when it comes to airsofting. You aren’t going to win very easily if you can’t hit anyone. Airsoft scopes give you a competitive edge by helping you line up that perfect shot. There is a wide variety of airsoft scopes on the market today, from traditional iron sights and magnified rifle scopes, to modern red dot and laser sights.

Each type of sight is effective in certain situations, so take care when making your choice. The type of airsoft gun you’re using should also come into consideration.

Types of Airsoft Scope

Iron Sights

Iron sights are typically composed of two component sights, formed by metal blades: a rear sight mounted perpendicular to the line of sight and a front sight that is a post, bead, or ring. Open sights use a notch of some sort as the rear sight, while aperture sights use some form of a circular hole.

Iron sight on a AEG

The earliest types of iron sights were fixed and could not easily be adjusted. Modern iron sights, used for airsoft, are adjustable, allowing you to compensate for elevation or windage.

Iron sights are usually insufficient for long range shooting, but can act as a useful back-up alongside other types of scope.

Laser Sights

Essentially a laser pointer on an airsoft gun, a laser sight can do more than make a cat go crazy. Laser sights allow you to accurately draw a bead on a target thanks to a clear visual indicator. When you see the dot on the enemy, you can hit them.

laser sight for night airsoft

Laser sights run parallel to the barrel of your airsoft gun. This means that your gun can easily align to a target, but doesn’t necessarily take into account windage and bullet drop. Another disadvantage of laser sights is that in the dark, it can be possible to trace the line of your laser from your target back to you. This can expose you to the enemy.

Red Dot Scopes

Red dot sights give the firearms users an aimpoint in the form of an illuminated red dot. The light, emitting from an LED, provides a parallax-free aimpoint regardless of eye position. They are extremely useful for the quick acquisition of even fast moving targets.

Modern red dot sight

Red dot sight reticle sizes are measured in either minutes of angle (moa) or milliradians (mil). 1 moa equates to 1.0472 inches at a distance of 100 yards, which is generally rounded to 1 inch at 100 yards. The most common reticles used today in red dot sights both for handguns and rifles are small dots covering between 2 to 5 moa.

The choice of red dot reticle size depends on your needs. A larger and brighter red dot makes for faster target acquisition, but may obscure the target and thereby inhibit precise aiming, while a smaller and dim dot allows for more precise but slower aiming.

Magnifiers for Airsoft Rifles

Also known as telescopic sights, this type of airsoft scope magnifies your view of the target. This, naturally, makes them ideal for long range shooting. Airsoft sniper rifles make the most effective use from telescopic sights.

long range sniper scopes for airsofting

Telescopic sights are classified in terms of the optical magnification and the objective lens diameter, e.g. 10×50. This would denote 10 times magnification with a 50mm objective lens. Larger objective lens diameters provide a larger exit pupil and hence provide a brighter image at the eyepiece.

There are also airsoft telescopic sights with variable magnification. The magnification can be varied by manually operating a zoom mechanism. Variable sights offer more flexibility regarding shooting at varying ranges, targets and light conditions and offer a relatively wide field of view at lower magnification settings.

Our Top 5 Airsoft Scopes

Stay on target with an airsoft sight from Socom Tactical. Our range of robust, precision shooting accessories increase accuracy and firing performance. Thanks to our adaptors and flexible mounts, you can get a more accurate shot no matter what weapon you deploy. Here are our favourite scopes.

  1. Back Up Front & Rear Sight Set Black

Ideal as either a primary or back-up sight, their ergonomic spring-loaded design helps quickly centre the target, creating a precise optical tunnel that ensures more accurate aiming and faster target acquisition.

  1. RIS Laser

This compact laser sight is pressure-activated, with a military spec design. Unlike common laser sights, this sight can be adjusted for both windage and elevation. This high precision laser includes mounting on any RIS or Picatinny 20mm rail.

  1. 3-9×50 AOEG Scope

This AOEG scope features red and green illuminated crosshairs, a variable 3-9x magnification and distance focus points. This functional and effective scope is the standard to which you should be expecting from high quality airsoft sniper rifle scopes. Easy to attach and adjust for windage and elevation, this scope is the discerning sniper’s choice.

  1. Type 553 Holo Sight

This scope is suitable for AEGs, submachine guns and a wide variety of similar airsoft guns. Featuring 10 brightness levels for the red or green dot sight, digital elevation adjustment and variable dot reticle, this scope has everything you need. Easy to setup on any 20mm rail and built from robust, weatherproof materials, this scope will serve you reliably in any situation.

  1. ACOG Type 1×30 Red/Green Dot Scope w/20mm Mount

Increase your aiming accuracy and reduce miss-fire with our top ACOG scope. This 30mm military style red/green cross sight scope does everything you need. With its full metal casting with anodized matte black finish, this scope also looks the business. Treated with an anti-glare coating, the lens provides clear vision in all weathers for superior target acquisition.

Airsoft scopes can give you an edge, but accuracy and skill require talent and practice. The best scope in the world won’t save you if you fail to spot the enemy.