Trek n’ Eat, a tasty variety of ready foods

New to Socom Tactical is the range of ‘Trek n’ Eat‘ ready cook foods, perfect for camping or milsim games and only take a few minutes to cook. It’s as simple as pouring hot water into a bag and stirring!

But what can it offer? Trek n’s Eat offer a wide variety of meals and ingredients on the menu including Breakfast, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Dessert, some of which are even Gluten free . The bags are packed with high quality and a high quantity of deliciousness to keep you going throughout the day.

Here’s a little guide on how to cook, it may seem simple, but you may need a little prompt.

TreknEat-guide on cooking

A little bit about the process…

“Trek’n Eat is unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Perfect for your ready made meals when travelling, on expedition, while boating, and on family outings. Trekking Meals are simple to prepare – just add boiling water, stir, leave to soak for 8 – 10 minutes and the meal is ready.”

Food Production

What is “freeze-drying”?

Freeze-drying is a technical drying process that takes advantage of water‘s unique physical characteristics. Frozen water transforms directly from a solid state into gas (sublimation) in a vacuum chamber. Freeze-dried meals are made by instantly freezing foods and then drying them in a vacuum chamber. With this method, water in foods does not melt, but can escape as steam. All that is required to prepare them is boiling water. Their light weight, simple preparation and fuel savings makes freeze-dried foods the meal of choice for mountain climbers, trekkers and those on expeditions. Today, these kinds of foods are quickly becoming a part of all outdoor activities.


What separates Trek’n Eat from conventional instant foods?


Meals from Trek’n Eat are created with quality freeze-dried ingredients, and thus maintain most of the food‘s natural vitamins and minerals. All Trek’n Eat meals are labelled with the “All Natural” sign indicating no preservatives, no colorants and no flavor enhancing additives. Meals are based on a value of around 600 calories per package to cover the increased energy consumption during sports activities. Trek’n Eat meals are available in waterproof resealable standing pouches and are quick and easy to prepare.


Where are Trek’n Eat products used?

Freeze-dried foods are used around the world by expeditions, sailing voyages and outdoor activities. The most important advantages are:

  • Weight saving
  • Fuel saving
  • Simple preparation in resealable standing pouch
  • Long shelf-life (3 years)
  • Great “All Natural” taste (no preservatives, no colorants, no flavor enhancing additives)

Take a look at their nutritional value chart for each of their meals, so you can compare and vary the different nutrients between each of the meals.


All Trek’n Eat meals are labelled with the “All Natural” sign.

“All Natural” stands for:

  • no preservatives
  • no colorants
  • no flavor enhancing additives

Trek'n Eat Sticker_TnE Text






That’s about it for the basic guide on Trek n’ Eat products, for all your airsoft and camping needs, please visit:


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