7 UK Airsoft Competitions & Events for You & Your Comrades

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One of the great things about being a part of the airsoft community is getting to take part in some seriously fun and cool airsoft competitions and events. And there are tons out there!

If you’re looking to mix up your standard weekend skirmish with a competitive game, then a UK airsoft competition might be just the ticket.

Our team have done some hunting to bring you 7 airsoft competitions and events across the UK that you go solo or with your comrades. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, there’s something for everyone.

1. The National Airsoft Festival, Ground Zero Airsoft

Location: Ground Zero Airsoft, Ashley Dr, Ashley Heath, Ringwood, BH24 2DF

One of the biggest and most exciting aitsoft competitions on our list is the National Airsoft Festival hosted at Ground Zero Airsoft in Dorset.

For all airsoft enthusiasts – beginners and pros alike – this is a truly fantastic airsoft event that players travel to from across the entire UK. You’ll have the opportunity to test your shooting skills against other players, as well as enjoy live music and socialise with other competitors.

The event runs yearly over an entire weekend, so you’ll have 3 days full of serious airsofting fun.

2. First & Only Airsoft Events

Location: Nationwide

First & Only Airsoft Events has a huge calendar jam-packed with airsoft competitions that take place in multiple locations across the UK. Whether you’re located in the South of England or across in Wales, you’ll find an event near you – perfect for those looking to take part in and enjoy competitive airsofting.

The company holds numerous competitions, some of which being Wednesday Warrior, Tactical Thursday and Saturday Search & Destroy (dependent on location).

These events are built to test your skills, no matter what level of player you are.

3. Socom Tactical Events & Competitions

Location: Unit 6 Quantum Business Park, Beacon Hill Road, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 8EA

Now that we’ve opened our new airsoft range and shop, we’re starting to roll out our very own airsoft events!

Our range is available for private hire, so you and your comrades can test out your airsoft gun shooting and target practice and have a darn good time doing it!

We also have Pistol Nights coming very soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our announcement. These events are set to be serious fun – you don’t want to miss out.

Our Range Private Hire Prices

Prices (for up to 2 people at once or 4 if you want to share and take turns):

  • 45 mins – £20
  • 90 mins – £35

If you want to book in for private hire, please call us or drop into our shop!

Please note: Slots are not available till 16:00 Monday and Wednesdays. Own equipment required

7 UK Airsoft Competitions & Events for You & Your Comrades
7 UK Airsoft Competitions & Events for You & Your Comrades

4. Legion Airsoft Events

Location: Longmoor Urban Training Centre, Longmoor, Hampshire

Legion Airsoft Events hold a whole host of skirmishes, mostly located at the Logmoor Urban Training Centre in Hampshire. Its range of events includes everything from immersive milsim to airfield battle-sim, giving you plenty of options to pick from.

For players who love the realistic elements of airsoft, these events will definitely be up your street.

They’re ideal for all levels of players and even offer corporate team-building opportunities if you want to boost your workplace morale.

5. OP Tactical UK

Location: Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, West Midlands

At their base known as The Kingdom, OP Tactical have a great selection of airsoft competitions and events on offer for players in the midlands.

The entire terrain runs across 200 acres of quarry, woodlands and grass fields, providing a diverse and thrilling experience.

They hold regular Open Days with themes that allow you to essentially run riot and put your skills to good use. From War Zone to Battlefield Conquest styles of gameplay, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy here.

6. Defiant Airsoft Events

Location: Nationwide

Defiant Events are another company that hosts UK-wide airsoft competitions and events, allowing players all over to get involved in the action.

Their events last anywhere from 8 to 36 hours and offer a totally immersive experience that’ll have you feeling like you’re in a real battle.

Players of all skill levels are welcome, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not an expert.

defiant airsoft events
7 UK Airsoft Competitions & Events for You & Your Comrades

7. Zed Adventures Airsoft

Location: Kennet Centre, Newbury, RG14 5EN

For over 15 years, Zed Adventures have been holding action-packed airsoft events. While they don’t host intense mil-sim games, they do put together skirmishes with objectives and goals that require mental and physical skill. These competitions are great if you’re a beginner airsoft player or you’re looking for a more low-key experience.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Enter an Airsoft Competition?

This minimum age requirement to enter an event will be dependent on the event’s organiser, however the vast majority of events are appropriate for those over the age of 18.

Your best bet is to contact the organiser – either by visiting their website or directly contacting them – for more information.

Do You Have to Pay to Enter These Airsoft Events?

Most of the time, yes, you’ll need to pay for a ticket or admission fee to enter into any of these events. This fee is usually necessary to cover the cost involved in organising and running the event.

The exact amount will depend on the type of competition you want to take part in and who’s running it, so make sure you check with the organiser for more information if you’re unsure.

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7 UK Airsoft Competitions & Events for You & Your Comrades

Our Roundup of the Best UK Airsoft Competitions & Events

There are tons of fantastic airsoft competitions and events all across the UK. Whether you’re looking for an all-weekender event or a one-time competition, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

If you’re interested in taking part in our Pistol Nights once they get underway, be sure to follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates, and keep an eye on our blog!


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