Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

UK Airsoft Forums

One of the best things about playing airsoft is the incredible community you get to be a part of, both on and off the field. There are a ton of awesome UK airsoft forums out there, ranging from dedicated discussion boards to helpful blogs and more.

Using airsoft forums can help you to learn new tips, find reviews of the best gear, make new friends and much more, so they’re worth checking out if you’re new to the community. 

If you’re searching for the best UK airsoft forum for you, then keep reading to get the low-down on the best options out there and more! 

#1 Socom Tactical Blog

Socom Tactical is more than just a leading supplier of airsoft guns, ammo and tactical gear: our staff are also passionate players.

As such, they love to share their knowledge and insights with our customers through our blog. We regularly share product reviews, guides and tactical ideas to help beginners to enjoy this fun and engaging activity.

Our team provides clear insight and the opportunity for you to make the most of their knowledge. Our guides are for players of all abilities, with a focus on beginners, so it’s a great read for anyone who loves as airsoft as much as we do! 

Topics we cover: What is a MOSFET in Airsoft?, airsoft kit essentials, product comparisons, shooting tips, reviews and more.

Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

#2 Airsoft Forums UK New Player & Arrival Forum

For beginners with questions or those who want to network in the community, the Airsoft Forums UK New Player And Arrival Forum is the perfect online platform.

Laid out like a basic forum, the website has no frills but is filled with fun threads and insightful chats about airsoft. If you need help, you’re able to ask for it and start a new thread, which makes this a great forum community for those who are looking for advice. 

At the top, pinned topics are kept for everyone to see, including important guides and tips, while other threads are listed by the date they were posted. You can also sort the threads by title, most viewed, most replied to and more, so you can find the info you want. 

The content is user-generated, but the moderators work hard to make sure it’s factual and useful. 

Topics they cover: New player guides, places to play, player recommendations, airsoft rules and new sites. 

#3 Zero In Airsoft Forum

Zero In is an airsoft forum for like-minded players who enjoy sharing ideas and getting advice from experienced players. 

The forum boasts a range of topics and the opportunity for members to talk to one another about all things airsoft. 

Topics they cover: Airsoft discussions, classifieds, airsoft gun reviews and more. 

Zero In Airsoft Forum
Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

#4 WW2 Airsoft Forum

Since 2006, the WW2 Airsoft Forum has been offering insight into how to play airsoft with a World War Two theme to thousands of UK members. 

It’s a forum community dedicated to providing innovative insight into how to play airsoft generally, as well as in-depth overviews of how to plan WW2-themed games.

To participate in discussions, you have to become a member of the forum, which means you get to take part in chats and share your advice, as well as ask for it. 

You can also see the range of WW2 airsoft events being held throughout the country and arrange a meet-up with forum members to get to know them offline. 

Topics they cover: WW2 airsoft, kit guides, events run-downs, and discussions on WW2 airsoft. 

#5 Just Airsoft Guns Blog

As the name suggests, Just Airsoft Guns is a blog all about airsoft guns and accessories, with a focus on reviews and product testing.

Alongside inside information on the best airsoft guns and how to customise yours using paint and other products, the blog also has a fun side, with articles about the guns used in popular TV shows and movies. 

So, if you’re new to airsoft and are looking for a fun, engaging blog that’ll tell you everything you need to know about guns and ammunition, then this could be a great place to start. 

Topics they cover: Gun reviews, how-to guides, explainers, and run-downs on the guns used in popular movie franchises. 

Just Airsoft Guns Forum
Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

#6 ATRG Blog

Written by experienced tacticians and airsoft players, the ATRG blog offers great product reviews and interviews with major players in the market. 

The blog offers a variety of types of content, delivered in an informal and engaging style, so it’s easy to find yourself learning loads of new things through this useful site. 

The insightful reviews are designed to give you impartial insights from people who actually use the equipment, so you’ll get accurate depictions you can actually use, not glorified sales pitches. 

Topics they cover: Product reviews, interviews, how-to guides and discussions.

Our Top 5 Airsoft Tips for Anyone New to the Scene

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced player, there are always some great tips and tricks that you can pick up so you can make the most of your experience. 

Here are our top tips for new airsoft players:

Tip 1: Invest in Quality Gear

Every airsoft player is different, and everyone needs gear that will suit them and protect them from serious damage. 

Whether it’s your helmet or gloves, boots or holsters, every piece of tactical clothing and protective gear you wear will affect your ability, so it’s worth choosing the right products. 

As well as tactical gear, you also need the right gun and accessories to help up your game and give you a fighting chance of shooting your opponents. 

If you’re unsure what you need, our team at Socom Tactical can show you the best gear and offer recommendations that are tailored to your playing needs. 

Tip 2: Know the Rules of Play

Airsoft doesn’t have set rules, but everyone should understand the basic rules of engagement and the rules that your group will be enforcing. 

Once you know this, you’ll be able to make sure that you can make the most of your session and don’t accidentally do something that’s against the rules that everyone else is using. 

Tip 3: Join an Airsoft Group or Team

Airsoft is a team game that is best when played with a group, so you should consider joining a local airsoft group or team.

Joining a local airsoft group can also help you to make new friends and learn tips from more experienced airsoft players. It’ll also motivate you to improve your airsoft skills, so you can be competitive when playing with your team and give them the best chance of winning. 

Join an airsoft team
Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

Tip 4: Have a Game Plan

Airsoft is a game of strategy, so you need to make sure that you have a plan before you start any game. Consider your opponents, their tactics and the site’s layout.

You can then come up with a plan that will help you to achieve your aims. Remember, airsoft is a fast-paced game, so you might have to adjust your plan as you play and things change. 

Tip 5: Practice Different Shooting Techniques

Different shooting techniques can help you to shake up your game and compete with more experienced players, so you should try to practice at any chance you get.

Trying different shooting styles will help you to get used to your gun and improve your general knowledge of the game. If you visit a shooting range like ours, you can get ideas and support from experienced airsoft players to help you hone your skills quickly. 

Socom Airsoft Range
Top 6 Best UK Airsoft Forums & Blogs

Our New Airsoft Shooting Range in Fleet

Having become one of the UK’s best airsoft equipment providers, Socom Tactical has gone one step further by launching our own shooting range in Fleet.

Alongside a larger shop, we’ve also got two new airsoft ranges for our players to enjoy, so you can not only get all the gear you need but also make the most of it. 

You’ll be able to show off your airsoft skills and test out your new equipment before your next game using our high-spec equipment. Our professional range supervisors love airsoft, so they’re happy to help you check your stance and give you tips on how to improve your shots. 

So, if you’re an airsoft lover and want to try out a new gun, or make the most of the one you already own, pay us a visit at our Fleet shooting range! 


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