WE Pistol Manuals

Listed below is all the manuals for the different designs of the gas blowback WE pistols. Each manual shows you how to operate and strip apart the pistols, as well as an exploded diagram detailing each part number, just in case you need to find any spare parts

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Please follow the links below to view the PDF file:

1911 Knight Hawk Manual

WE 1911 MEU manual

1911 P14


Bulldog PX4

F/P Sig Series


Hi-Capa 5.1

M92 & M9A1 Series (Gen 2)

Mini 92 Cheetah

M92 Full Auto Series

M92 Biohazard (Semi)

Glock Series (Semi)

Glock Series (Auto)

XDM Series

T-33 Makarov

Big Bird (Semi)

Big Bird (Auto)

Let us know if we missed anything or there is a manual you’d like to request!




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