What Airsoft Eyewear is Best for You?

You can’t hit the enemy if you can’t see them. That’s why your vision is so important when it comes to airsoft. To protect your eyes from bbs, smoke and other environmental hazards, we stock a huge range of protection options to keep you safe and active during your next skirmish.

But which one is right for you? Everyone has different vision needs, so it’s important to get the right protection that helps you line up your shots perfectly, every time.

Wait, do I need goggles?man with a bb fired into his face

As we mentioned in our previous blog, paintball pellets hit harder than bbs. While true, bbs can cause some serious damage, especially when you’re taking part in CQB scenarios. Without adequate protection, this can happen:
Now image that in your eye!

Airsoft Goggles

Airsoft goggles range in size from just protecting your eyes, to full face masks. Available in both plastic and mesh varieties, goggles are the gold standard in airsoft eye protection. Some airsoft firearms fire up to 600fps, which is going to seriously ruin the day of anyone getting hit in the face. But with so many variations of goggles available, which is best?

PlasticPlastic airsoft goggles

For the budget-conscious, plastic lens goggles provide optimum protection for minimum fuss. These practical, non-nonsense airsoft goggles feature foam or rubber lining for comfort and adjustable straps. Fully optimisable for any user, plastic goggles are a practical and budget-friendly way to protect your eyes.

The downside is that many of the cheaper plastic airsoft goggles are prone to fogging up. Before you buy, make sure there is at least some ventilation in the goggles, otherwise your lens will fog up and you won’t be able to see.




zero-fog-mesh-protective-goggles-od-2Because removing your goggles to wipe away condensation is very dangerous, you could try mesh goggles. This protective airsoft eyewear features wire mesh as a lens, secured inside a sturdy plastic frame. The mesh keeps the bbs out of your eyes, while allowing you to see out through the tiny holes. The holes also allow for ventilation, making them more comfortable and not prone to fogging up.

Mesh airsoft goggles don’t work at all with prescription glasses, owing to their snug profile. So if you need eye correction to see, your best bet is to use these goggles in conjunction with contact lenses.

Regardless of which kind off goggles you choose, they do leave your lower face exposed. For all-round protection, you should combine your airsoft goggles with a lower face mask to protect your nose and jaw. Alternatively, you could opt for full-face protection…



Full-cover face masks combine classic airsoft goggles with built-in lower face masks to offer maximum protection. Many feature venting systems that allow your voice to carry, while defogging your lens. They are also roomy enough inside to accommodate glasses. For all-round protection for both airsoft and paintballing, masks are a great choice.

Protection comes with a price, most notably the price. Masks are more expensive than many goggles, making them a big investment for newer players. In addition, the extra protection and side panels reduce peripheral vision, making it tricky to see when you’re being flanked. If you opt for a full-face mask, get used to turning your whole head to see left and right.


Glasses and Shades

When it’s hot outside and you’re planning a major airsoft sesh, goggles and masks become a torture of sweat rashes and overheating. Fortunately, there are plenty of specially optimised shooting glasses that provide eye protection from both bbs and UV rays. While they lack the overall protection of goggles and masks, airsoft glasses and shades have many advantages. They feature sturdy, impact resistant lenses and come with a range of tints and UV protection coatings.

Plus, they have the advantage of all-round vision and look awesome. If you like looking stylish on the battlefield, there are plenty of big-name glasses brands to choose from.


You only get one pair of eyes, so take care of them! Airsoft is a great past time, but safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing your gear. At Socom Tactical, we have the biggest range of eye protection and combat apparel. So check out our website or visit us in-store for all your airsoft gear.