Unpacking the Basics: What is a MOSFET in Airsoft? 

What is a MOSFET

A MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is one of the many hot topics in the airsoft community. What actually is it? Do you need one? What does it do?

You can use tons of add-ons and quirks to upgrade your airsoft gun to better its performance, and a MOSFET is one of these. But there’s a lot of debate with players around whether or not it’s worth investing in this transistor system.

If you’re a beginner airsoft player and just starting out, we’d recommend not even delving into MOSFETs just yet and first becoming fully comfortable with your standard airsoft guns. But if you’re an avid or experienced player who knows the basics and then some, it’s definitely worth considering – it could take your airsoft experience to the next level.

So, what is a MOSFET, and how does it affect the performance of your gun?

What is a MOSFET in Airsoft?

MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor – a complicated name, we know! Simply put, this is a transistor system that controls the electrical flow and minimises any potential damage that could occur between two conductive plates.

Unpacking the Basics: What is a MOSFET in Airsoft? 

When you squeeze the trigger of your airsoft gun, it closes the circuit, which sends electrical energy through your gun and activates the motor. During this process, two conductive plates come closely into contact, allowing the charge to pass through.

But without a MOSFET in place, the charge of electricity can cause the plates to wear down and become damaged (within time), which could result in your gun not working at all.

The MOSFET’s job is to reduce the electrical current sent through the two conductive plates, reducing any potential damage to the gun’s internals (electricity is sent straight to the gun’s motor without being passed through the trigger switch assembly system).

It’s important to note that MOSFETs work with an electrical charge, so they’re only compatible with AEGs.

What are the Types of MOSFETs?

Just in case you weren’t already confused enough, there are actually different types of MOSFETs, too. Some of which include:

  • Standard MOSFET – these are the most basic types, and they simply protect the trigger contacts.
  • Programmable MOSFET – these are hugely popular as they allow you to add customisation options to your AEG through a computer software system.
  • Plug and play MOSFET – probably the least favoured type of MOSFET because it still allows the electrical charge to run through the gun’s trigger contacts.
  • Drop-in trigger board MOSFET – these are the most expensive option on the market, replacing the moving trigger contacts with sensors.

So What are the Benefits of an Airsoft MOSFET?

You don’t have to fully understand the ins and outs of how a MOSFET works and all the physics behind it to reap its benefits. As we said earlier, installing a MOSFET transistor (if it’s not already a part of your gun’s standard manufacturing) could be ideal for experienced airsoft players and those who are looking to fully optimise the performance of their airsoft guns.

The biggest benefits of an airsoft MOSFET are:

Protects the Trigger Switch Assembly

One of the main jobs of a MOSFET is to send the electrical charge straight to your gun’s motor and avoid passing it through the trigger switch assembly, which can help protect your gun from any potential damage or wear and tear.

This is obviously a great thing as it means you don’t need to worry as much about your gun’s internals breaking down, costing you money, time and a lot of frustration on the field.

Airsoft MOSFET
Unpacking the Basics: What is a MOSFET in Airsoft? 

Provides Increased ROF & Trigger Response

A MOSFET can work to increase your ROF (rate of fire) and slightly reduce trigger response time. This is great for experienced players who are looking to get the best out of their guns and need that competitive edge on the field.

Allows for More Customising

By installing a MOSFET in your AEG, it opens up a range of customisable options. You can plug your transistor into a computer, where you can then adjust many of the settings to better your gun’s performance – but these types of MOSFETs are only compatible with certain AEGs, so make sure you check before you buy.

Saves you Money in the Long-Run

Since a MOSFET’s main job is to protect the gun circuits and internals of your gun, it can actually save you money in the long run. 

As mentioned earlier, if these parts become damaged after some use, you’d need to replace them, and this could incur a hefty cost; however, with a MOSFET in place, you’re more likely that these parts will remain unaffected and last much longer.

Is it Worth Installing an Airsoft MOSFET in your AEG?

Our simplest answer to this question is: yes. If you’re a regular airsoft player and use your gun on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth investing in a MOSFET.

While this transistor system can be expensive if you opt for the more luxurious models, you can guarantee that it will provide better performance whilst making sure your gun’s internals stay intact and don’t succumb to any electrical damage.

Plus, the customisation option that comes with a Programmable MOSFET is pretty impressive and can truly take you from a great player to an exceptional one.

You can find a whole range of airsoft MOSFET systems right here at Socom Tactical! We stock some of the best and most popular brands in airsoft, so you can trust we’ve got you covered with the best.

If you need any further support, advice or guidance on MOSFETs, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and one of our experts will be happy to help!


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