What to look for when buying airsoft gear

What to look for when buying airsoft gear
What to look for when buying airsoft gear

When buying Airsoft gear, it is important for you to understand what it is you need for the type of Airsoft game you play and the way you want to play it.

The basics include at least one gun, most people usually carry a rifle and a sidearm such as a pistol along with sturdy, weather-resistant clothing and protective eyewear which are usually all that is necessary for a skirmish or speedsoft.

There are a range of optional gear choices which can give you the advantage during the game although not everything will be suitable for every player or game type.


While you may go into skirmishes and treat it like a military operation, there are usually few restrictions about gun capability, what you do or what you wear whereas milsim can be stricter.

Camouflaged clothing is a good way to blend into your surroundings for any Airsoft game but it is more of a requirement for milsim; after all, it is a military simulation and the military wear camouflage.

Milsims also rely on players being assigned roles based on real life military roles; if there is a particular role that interests you, you can choose the weapons and accessories to suit you beforehand otherwise you can see which role suits you best with the weapon and style of play you have developed.

There is not much point to buying every kind of Airsoft gun possible and bringing it along so perhaps just a few different guns should be purchased to cover a few potential player roles.

This being said, gear like a Ghille suit may look like a great way to camouflage your whole body and keep you hidden but it is not practical to wear and move quickly over great distances as it is designed for sniper rifle users to set up in one place for a while without being seen.

If you are playing skirmishes an hour at a time, it may not be necessary to have body armour such as a plate carrier with holsters and straps for your weapons and pockets or other attachments for your magazines and ammo.

With milsims, this type of gear is more important as these game modes can last for two days or more and last into the night so you need enough ammo and supplies while you may need extras such as torches, laser sights and night vision equipment.

Non-Airsoft gear to bring

If you’re caught up in the excitement of getting your gear together, you may not think about the simple everyday things you should bring along.

Although Airsoft rucksacks, bags and cases may be suited to fit the specific shape of guns, a regular rucksack for carrying your items around the battlefield can be used as well, preferably a waterproof rucksack or bag. The same applies to clothing, including footwear.

Whether you’re constantly running around during a skirmish or speedsoft or playing for hours at a time during milsim, chances are you will need a drink at some point and you will likely need food for a milsim.

Food, or food rations, and water or hydration packs are essential during any type of physical activity and Airsoft is no different. It is important to stay hydrated and keep your strength up especially given the fact that you may be on your own for long periods at a time during the game.

While not everyone may own night vision equipment or gun attachments to help with night vision, a standard torch can be brought along to help you make your way forward in the dark.

Second hand equipment

When looking around for Airsoft gear, not everything has to be new; see our article for good places to find second-hand equipment and what to look out for.

There are only a few things which are a must-buy for Airsoft so it is important for you to consider how much extra gear you need or want to ensure your best Airsoft experience at the right price.

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