Where can I find second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment?

Cyma M14 long barrel - Olive

Buying second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment

Buying second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment can be a good idea for you to buy what you need at a cheaper price rather than a brand new product and means that these items can be reused rather than dumped.

There are a number of sites which specifically deal in used Airsoft equipment such as Used Airsoft and Second Hand Airsoft.

These sites act as a portal between buyers and sellers of second-hand Airsoft equipment like a marketplace rather than these websites sourcing and stocking their own second-hand equipment.

Airsoft guns and equipment can be sent to you by the sellers through Royal Mail, there are no posting restrictions on them even though they look like guns.

The more you know about Airsoft guns and equipment, the easier it will be to pick the right second-hand equipment.

It is important for you to understand what you should be looking for and what questions you should be asking of the seller to ensure that you are buying equipment that still has plenty of life left in it.

Factors to consider when buying second-hand equipment

You should try to get as much information as possible from the seller which can be helped if the seller posts a detailed account of the item and its usage.

If there is a lack of information or the posting only contains vague details then it is up to you to ask questions of the seller to ensure you are satisfied that you will get good use of the equipment.

Sellers should provide basic information

Sellers should provide basic information such as the make and model of the gun they are selling and tell you all the items and components that come with it as well as photos to display the equipment.

When it comes to second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment, there are extra things to consider. You will want to know the age of the weapon and to know (roughly) how many rounds have been fired from it.

Where can I find second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment?

Having this knowledge will help give you an idea of how much usage and wear-and-tear there may be for the internals of the airsoft gun for sale so you can judge if the gun still has a long life.

Having been owned by someone else, it is possible that the weapons being sold may have been upgraded from its original state.

Without knowledge of this, you might get a different gun than you were expecting. It may even be an upgrade that doesn’t interest you but will likely cost you more money than the stock version of the gun.

You should also ask if there is any damage to the gun, superficial or otherwise, to see if it may affect the gun’s performance. It is your call to decide if the damage is a deal breaker or not.

Second-hand Airsoft equipment should be cheaper than new equipment and the buyer/seller relationship on the sites allows you the chance to negotiate on the asking price set by the seller so you may be able to get it even cheaper.

Ways to test your newly bought second-hand equipment

If you are satisfied with the information you receive and go ahead on buy the weapon, there are a few things you can check upon its arrival to ensure everything is in working order.

  • You should check for any damage even if the seller said there was no damage or made you aware of some damage.
  • Check the condition of the barrel, it may be in good condition but in need of a clean.
  • For AEGs, make sure the fuse is in place and is the correct current rating for the gun.
  • If you are able to test out your weapon in an enclosed back garden for example, you can practice firing to make sure the rounds feed okay and don’t get jammed.

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