Which type of airsoft gun is right for you?

What Type of Airsoft gun is best for you?

Which type of airsoft gun is right for you?

Airsoft has been a popular sport in the UK for many years now. It is an activity in the same mould as paintballing. As well as the physical demands of an airsoft game, players also need to hone their tactical and strategic thinking.

But it doesn’t matter how physically and mentally quick you are if you don’t have the right equipment. For new players, choosing the right airsoft gun can be daunting. Understanding the different types of airsoft gun makes the choice much easier. Here are the four types you need to know about.

Automatic electric guns

AEGs are the most common type of airsoft gun and tend to be the most readily available. As the name suggests, AEGs utilise electricity from airsoft batteries to shoot BBs. These batteries are usually rechargeable, but some players prefer to carry spares.

AEGs are great for beginners. The cheaper models are made from plastic polymer, while higher-end options are made from steel instead.

Gas-powered pistols

Also known as gas blowback guns, these pistols use a cylinder of compressed gas to fire BBs. Most modern gas-powered pistols utilise small gas canisters contained in the ammo magazine, but some have separate gas containers attached.

Non-blowback gas guns are also available, but their popularity has declined over time. Blowback models feel closer to real firearms because they simulate recoil.

Spring-powered airsoft guns

Spring-powered guns are similar to AEGs, but the batteries are replaced with spring power. Spring-powered airsoft guns need to be cocked between every shot to restore tension to the spring, but they perform better than electric and gas-based guns in low temperatures and harsh environments.

These guns are excellent for beginners, but their build quality is usually lower than AEGs or gas guns.

Airsoft HPA guns

HPA guns are the most powerful airsoft guns available. Users need to carry a canister of compressed air on their back, like a scuba diver. But in exchange, they can fine-tune the properties of the gun, including velocity and trigger response.

Most serious airsoft players will own multiple airsoft guns and tactical gear. But for players that are just starting out, a decent rifle will get you far. You can add in sidearms and other gear later on. Consult with your local airsoft retailer to find the best option for you.

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