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Showing 1–21 of 77 results


A full CNC steel upgraded trigger unit for the VSR series sniper rifle with significant improvements from the Gen 4


Lightweight and upgraded aluminium piston for the VSR sniper rifles. Works best when twinned with the AirsofPro ZERO trigger unit Gen 5


Metal magazine release which replace original plastic. It is made of two main parts. The button and magazine catch. Packing also include spring. Catch and button are made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with red anodized finish. It is a material with high strength, yet is lightweight. Characteristics: CNC metal aluminum alloy anodized finish Longer button [...]


Stock Well HopUp lever are made of plastic. It may break it it does not have enough HopUp pressure on heavy BBS. Here is our durable metal lever, which finally solves this problem. Offer good durability and modified snob can rotate heavier BBs. Made of aluminum alloy with anodized. Suitable for Well brand sniper rifles: [...]


An aluminium piston for L96 series airsoft sniper rifles.


A stainless steel spring guide for the L96 type airsoft sniper rifle


Spare spring for VSR piston sear. Suitable for Well MB02, 03, 07, 10, 11,12.., AGM MP001, 002…


Metal 40 degree piston catch for Marui VSR10 and china made copies such as MP001,BAR10, Well MB03,07,10..etc.


Stock HopUp lever are made of plastic. It is weak component and breaks very often. We offer new metal arm to solve this problem. Lever is only for the stock Well hop up chambers. Tested on MB-01 model.


Spare 22mm o-rings for airsoft sniper rifle pistons


AirsoftPro Aluminium piston for Snow Wolf/S&T Kar98 Upgrade piston for Snow Wolf Kar 98 rifles. Unlike the original plastic, this one is made of strong and light aluminum. It provides higher durability. Designed for stronger springs. Air flows under the seal through six air channels and improove sealing. The optimal diameter of the sealing o-ring [...]


Airsoft Pro CNC Steel piston catch for trigger system Gen. 4 Spare steel piston sear for AirsoftPro CNC VSR zero triggers. Fit only to generation 4


Metal spare sniper rifle HopUp lever. Fit ONLY on AirsoftPro HopUp chambers.


PSS VSR Upgraded Hop unit – Gold The chamber which developed for improving the accuracy of VSR-1. Developing the chamber bucking which extended 12.5mm more than genuine to prevent the air-loss with Air-seal SUS ring. Using HOP lever of G-SPEC type and expanding the HOP adjusting range, it makes exact HOP adjusting possible. *Please note [...]


The trigger lever for Well, MB44xx series. for MB4401, MB4402, MB4411..etc. This is original part. Not suitable for VSR or Well MB02,03,07, because it is longer.


AirsoftPro M140 (460 FPS) spring for Snow Wolf/S&T Kar98 Upgrade spring for bolt action sniper rifles. Made of steel spring wire, blackening surface, thermal tratment. Ends of the spring are grounded in. This spring is suitable for Kar98k sniper rifles. For Snow Wolf and S&T brands. To reach the best sealing results we recommend you [...]


Action Army Ares Striker AS02 CNC Loading Indicator And Locking Pin A great upgrade for your Ares Striker AS02 sniper rifle. It is made from CNC’d metal and is a stronger locking pin and indicator than the original. The load indicator will tell you when the rifle is loaded and cocked, so you don’t have [...]


JG VSR 10 / BAR 10 Cylinder rings Replacement Cylinder stabiliser rings Front and rear included


A metal machined hop unit for the L96, APS and Mauser bolt action sniper rifles


An upgraded aluminium piston for most standard VSR type airsoft rifles with a 45-degree sear.


Made in Spain Made from terephthalate self lubricating, The spacer ring and cylinder Maruzen L96 and clones. MK23 Custom has a high mechanical resistance and a low coefficient of friction . Terephthalate is a material that maintains the performance even in the complete absence of lubricant also reduces static charge.

Upgrade Your Sniper to Become a Complete Marksman

Are you looking to hit enemy airsoft players beyond 80m? SOCOM Tactical offers a range of airsoft sniper upgrades designed to maximise the potential of your sniper rifle.

Each upgrade is expertly designed to improve the precision and general performance on a range of popular sniper rifles, including the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 and JG VSR 10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Sniper with Scope.

All our upgrades on offer are designed to make you a better marksman. Become a world-class airsoft sniper as you continue to upgrade your sniper in terms of distance covered, accuracy and reliability every time you step foot onto the battlefield.

These upgrades are capable of improving the performance and accuracy of your sniper.  If you’re unsure on how to upgrade your airsoft sniper or need a recommendation, get in touch with a trained member from our team. You can also visit our flagship store in Hampshire.

Upgrades Include: Army Specialised Trigger Group | Power Up Kit for Sniper Rifle | Custom Piston |