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Socom Tactical Airsoft is a premium airsoft retailer selling an extensive range of airsoft related items with new products available every week. At Socom Tactical, you can buy airsoft guns and accessories both online and at our Airsoft Shop in Fleet. If there is something you are after, but can’t find, please get in contact. As a leading airsoft retailer we will endeavour to source it for you

As one of the top airsoft shops and as an exclusive Retailer for some of the top brands in the UK we have a huge range of airsoft guns, apparel, grenades and many other accessories from some of the biggest brands in the airsoft market. As one of the UK’s top airsoft retailers, you’ll find everything you need at Socom Tactical.

You can now also buy airsoft guns and airsoft  accessories over the phone. Please drop us a call or email for a call back and a member of the Socom Tactical retail team will be happy to help.

Socom Tactical Airsoft UK online airsoft store and airsoft shop is based in Fleet, Hampshire, UK.

New Airsoft Goodies now in stock

Battery leads and connectors

JG AEP Battery Charger Adapter


A NiMh battery charger adapter for 7.2v NiMh batteries to charge from standard smart chargers with a Mini Tamiya connector


A spare high cap magazine for the SA58 that holds 500 BBs with a metal casing.

Airsoft Submachine Guns

JG MP5 A4 AEG (Metal Body)


The JG MP5 A4 is a great high-quality airsoft AEG. The lower receiver is built with high-quality ABS plastic and the upper receiver is full metal & has an adjustable hop-up. A great airsoft MP5

Out of stock

Airsoft Rail Mounts

Action Army AAP-01 Sight Rail


Rear red dot sight rail for the AAP-01 gas blowback pistol. Simply replace it for the original rear sight using the original screws and you're good to go


Spare 80 round SVD magazine for the Cyma CM057 airsoft sniper rifle. Metal outer shell with plastic internals and a double stack spring system

Out of stock

CR123A charger which can charge up to four CR123A batteries at one time with a smart cutoff system preventing overcharging. Powered by USB

Scope, Torch and Sight Batteries

Rechargeable CR123A Battery – 2800MAH


Rechargeable CR123A battery with a 2800MAH capacity. Ideal for M300/M600 scout lights and 558 Holo sights

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

WELL MB4416A M40 Sniper Rifle


A great starter airsoft sniper rifle platform, the WELL MB4416A has loads of great features that replicate the popular M40 sniper


Russian style airsoft sniper rifle, the SV-98 is a great addition to any modern Russian airsoft loadout with an average FPS of 400 out the box

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

WELL MB17A M40 Sniper Rifle


The ergonomic WELL MB17A is a great platform based on the M40 airsoft sniper rifle with a power of 400 FPS out the box. Full metal upper receiver and stock adjustment.


Sniper rifle magazine for the WELL MB series snipers. It has a 300 BB capacity and is full metal construction with a single stack system


Gas blowback airsoft Makarov pistol with the classic brown bakelite grip and removable barrel extension unit with silencer

Best Selling Products

Out of stock

The PTS Syndicate EPM 1 magazine holding a whopping 250 rounds without any winding. The EPM1 has a built-in fuel gauge allowing the user to see how many BB's are left in the magazine with a quick look.

Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Enola Gaye Thunderflash MK5


PYRO WILL BE SOLD TO OVER 18S ONLY AND HAVE A MINIMUM POSTAGE CHARGE OF £4.50 For bulk deal prices, please give us a call or send us an email The MK5 Thunderflash is the benchmark product for distraction and diversion. Airsoft and Paintball players use this product to divert their opponents attention when they [...]


A high performance gas for running your GBB weapons.

Out of stock

Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

TLSFx MK3 maroon


TLSFx MK3 maroon MK3 maroon pyro for remote detonation system


Valken Infinity 0.25g BBs (4000) 5.95mm BB +/- .01mm Seamless BB’s for 6mm Airsoft Rifles and Pistols Spherical polished design for accuracy and consistency Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM Standard F2679 1 kilogram bag white BB’s Value pack for great playing experience at an affordable cost Made in Taiwan

Out of stock

E&C 160 round M4 / M16 metal mid-cap Standard Stanag style mid capacity magazine for M4/M16 AEGs. These are the top loaded mid capacity magazines and hold 160 rounds which is great compared to most mid caps on the market. Features: – Sheet metal outer case – Plastic internal – Double stack – Holds 160 [...]

Out of stock

Black Cat Ring Pull Smoke Grenade (Purple) The Black Cat smoke grenades are relatively new to the airsoft and paintball market and have several performance and safety features to enhance the players overall experience and enjoyment out on the field. The ring pull is secured being a plastic film and once removed, can be ignited [...]


A bag of 4000 0.20g bbs for use with your airsoft guns.

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