A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Airsoft Events UK

Are you getting bored with meeting up with the same few friends to play small-scale airsoft games each week? Well, welcome to the world of airsoft events, UK-style. We’ve put together a list of the best airsoft events in the UK to help you find new places to play, new people to play with, and different scenarios to battle in.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your airsoft game, we’ve got you covered with these incredible events. Whether you’re looking to push your limits or you want to find out how well you can operate in a group setting, these events will give you the opportunity to find out.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top airsoft events available in the UK and what they have on offer. From tournaments and large-scale scenarios to smaller airsoft competitions with an emphasis on team-based play, there are plenty of options for everyone.

Airsoft EventLocation
The National Airsoft FestivalRingwood, Dorset
Gunman Airsoft Weekend EventsSuffolk, Hampshire, & Kent
Airsoft Plantation WeekendersEssex
Defiant EventsDriffield, Yorkshire
Zed Airsoft AdventuresNewbury, Berkshire

What is an Airsoft Event?

An airsoft event is a competitive team-based activity where participants use airsoft guns to simulate military or law enforcement-style combat. They involve players using realistic-looking replica weapons to engage in a variety of scenarios, such as search and rescue missions, hostage situations, and objective-based games. These events often require teamwork, planning, and strategy to outwit and outmanoeuvre opponents.

Top 5 Airsoft Events in the UK

The UK is a hotbed for immersive airsoft events thanks to the plethora of disused army bases and open spaces. We’ve put our airsoft gremlins to work to find the hottest airsoft events around the country so you can expand your MilSim or skirmish horizons and get involved in the tactical action.

Whether you’re an experienced or beginner player, there’s something for everyone – from weekend-long games to smaller skirmishes. Our team have compiled airsoft events around the country to help you find one that suits you.

#1 The National Airsoft Festival (Ground Zero)

National Airsoft Festival
Image by The National Airsoft Festival via Facebook

Location: Ringwood, Dorset

Website: https://www.airsoftfestival.com/

The National Airsoft Festival is an annual event held in the United Kingdom that celebrates all things airsoft. It takes place at the Ground Zero Airsoft site near Ringwood, Dorset and typically runs for three days during the last full weekend of August.

Attendees can expect a huge range of airsoft-related activities, such as competitions, music, and quizzes throughout the weekend, allowing participants to demonstrate their skills and learn more about the sport.

The event has been running since 2007 and has grown significantly in popularity each year, with thousands of people attending.

#2 Gunman Airsoft Weekend Events

Gunman Airsoft Weekend Events
A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Location: Suffolk, Hampshire, & Kent

Website: https://gunmanairsoft.co.uk/

Gunman Airsoft Weekend Events are the perfect opportunity to get involved in airsoft and find out what it’s all about. From beginner-friendly skirmishes to hardcore woodland combat scenarios, Gunman Airsoft Weekend Events have something for everyone.

Events organised by Gunman Airsoft range from a single day event to full weekends and everything in between. You can opt for slower, in-depth, story-based FilmSims or test your mettle with a fast-paced, action-packed skirmish.

With four locations across Suffolk, Hampshire & Kent, you’re sure to find an event that suits you. So why not come along and join in the fun? Bring your A-game and take home a medal!

#3 Airsoft Plantation Weekenders

Airsoft Plantation Weekenders
A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Location: Essex

Website: https://airsoftplantation.co.uk/

Airsoft Plantation Weekenders are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of airsoft for an entire weekend. They hold special events that really set them apart from other airsoft sites. The most amazing thing about these weekend events is that players can continue to play through the night for a truly immersive experience.

As well as spending your time immersed in an airsoft battle, Airsoft Plantation Weekenders also offer fancy dress, raffles, giveaways, and competitions.

Airsoft Plantation Weekenders offer seasonal special events throughout the year, including Halloween, Easter, Firework Night, etc. The use of pyros during these airsoft events also helps to set them apart from other events as a truly immersive a realistic experience.

#4 Defiant Events

Defiant Airsoft Events
A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Location: Driffield, Yorkshire

Website: https://www.defiantevents.co.uk/

Defiant Events is another airsoft event organiser that specialises in immersive, realistic events that take place in various environments.

Airsoft events with Defiant Events range from 8 – 36 hours, depending on how intense you want them to be. The company makes use of props, vehicles, and other interactive assets to make the experience more realistic for players. These events are known to incorporate MOE, EMOE, reconnaissance, and lots of other military-inspired, joint operation elements.

The majority of airsoft events run by Defiant Events take place at their HQ in Driffield, Yorkshire, which offers an urban setting for your skirmish. Occasional events are held in surrounding areas, such as local woodland and rural areas.

#5 Zed Airsoft Adventures

Zed Airsoft Adventures
A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Location: Newbury

Website: https://zedadventures.co.uk/

Zed Adventures has been hosting airsoft events for over 15 years, so they know a thing or two about putting on a fun event for all kinds of airsoft players.

What sets Zed Airsoft Adventures apart from other companies on this list is their avoidance of immersive MilSim or story play events. Instead, Zed prefers to focus on fun games packed with action and objectives to make sure everyone is having a great time, no matter what level they’re at.

Zed Adventures offers standard skirmish events on Sundays and evening skirmish events on Thursday evenings to give everyone a chance to come and play at their Newbury site.

How to Book Airsoft Events

How To Book An Airsoft Event
A Comprehensive Guide to Airsoft Events in the UK

Booking airsoft events is a straightforward process. The best and safest way to book is directly with the event organiser. This way, you can be sure your booking is genuine and legitimate. Additionally, the event organiser will be able to answer any relevant questions you may have about the event.

There are a few simple steps to book an airsoft event:

  1. Find an event that interests you online or through word of mouth.
  2. Contact the organiser directly to inquire about availability and pricing.
  3. Most organisers will require payment upfront in order to secure your spot at the event.
  4. After paying for your place, all that’s left to do is show up on the day of the event!

Make sure you know before you book whether you need to bring your own weapons and kit or whether you’re going to be hiring equipment from the event. 

Improve Your Airsoft Game With the Best Airsoft Events

Now you’re aware of some of the best airsoft events in the country and what they can offer you, it’s time to get out there, meet like-minded people, and practice your airsoft game in various settings and scenarios.

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