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Cyma Airsoft Guns, Magazines and airsoft Parts

A leading brand for affordable Airsoft AK series

CYMA are a popular airsoft brand for those looking to start airsofting and are often well suited for beginners at prices that won't break the budget. They are popular for their airsoft AK47 and AK74 series AEGs, which come in a variety of different types with their plastic body, budget range to their full metal, real wood variants. They offer classic AK variants as well as tactical AK variants with 20mm rail systems. Their AK AEGs are set up to use NiMh batteries and 7.4v LiPo batteries out of the factory.

Spring powered tri-shot airsoft shotguns

The Cyma M870 shotguns are partially cloned off the Tokyo Marui with a triple barrelled, fixed hop up system giving you a great performing and reliable spring shotgun fed from a 30 round shotgun shell style magazine. They have a selection of tactical folding stock airsoft shotguns and their PTS type operator shotguns in black & tan variants.

Mid & high capacity magazines

Cyma has a large range of high quality mid cap magazines and high cap magazines to fit various airsoft guns including M4/AR platforms, G36 series, M14, Thompson M1a1, AK drum magazines, MP5 series and many more. They offer other types of magazines like box magazines, shotgun shells and sniper magazines.

Replacement parts & accessories

Cyma offers a huge range of airsoft aftermarket external parts, gun stocks, rail mounts and replacement internal parts for MP5s, M4 platforms M14s and many more accessories for the AEGs they produce.

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