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Showing 1–21 of 74 results

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Cyma Bar-10 CM701B


UKARA OR SITE MEMBERSHIP NUMBER NEEDED TO BUY THIS GUN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THIS WE CAN ONLY SEND A TWO TONE GUN. Please add your UKARA or VCR exemption details into comments box Cyma Bar-10 CM701 Standard Cyma bolt action sniper rifle, with a soft, textured, polymer body. Great starter sniper for [...]

Sniper magazines

Cyma 80 Round SVD Magazine


Spare 80 round SVD magazine for the Cyma CM057 airsoft sniper rifle. Metal outer shell with plastic internals and a double stack spring system


Replacement 50 round CM701 magazine with an easy split down system for maintenance. A great capacity magazine for airsoft VSR sniper rifles


Cyma AK 20mm RIS mounted folding grip FEATURES: CYMA AK RAS Rail Folding Foregrip Grip. Made by high density polymer. Military tactical design. Foldable foregrip. Fit all 20mm RIS rail. Improve accuracy and allow firm hold on your airsoft AEG. Easy to install. Perfect for outdoor war game activities. DETAILS: CYMA model no. – C.16 [...]

Every thing else and electrical

Cyma M14 Version 7 complete gearbox with motor


Cyma M14 Version 7 complete gearbox with motor Complete version 7 gearbox with all internal and external parts and motor. Spring is M120. Suitable for M14.


CYMA 500rd Hi-Cap Magazine for CM043 Galil SAR AEG (C.74). High cap Colour: Black


Cyma M56 series Airsoft Shotgun Shell Cartridge (Single) Fits TM / Double Eagle etc

Airsoft Assault Rifles

Cyma Custom AK KT AEG CM077


Full metal body and solid build from the custom Cyma AK CM077. Solid polymer furniture, adjustable hop up and the same amazing build quality you'd expect from Cyma

Airsoft Stocks & Handguards

CYMA AK Stock Butt Plate Type A (HY-102)


CYMA AK stock butt plate. Made by steel material. Suitable for AK74 stock butt plate. CYMA model no. – HY-102 Color – Black Weight – 43g Material – Steel

Airsoft Stocks & Handguards

CYMA AK Stock Butt Plate Type B (HY-103)


CYMA AK stock butt plate. Made by steel material. Suitable for AK74 stock butt plate. CYMA model no. – HY-103 Color – Black Weight – 43g Material – Steel


Cyma CM060 P90 AEG with mock suppressor Features: Includes Battery and Charger 14mm Alloy CCW silencer Metal upper receiver with top rail. Ambidextrous cocking handle, magazine catch and fire selector Nylon Fiber and no marking lower frame Adjustable hop up system Fires 1 Joule = 330 FPS Included 70 rounds Mid Cap Magazine Length : [...]

AEG Mid and Low caps

CYMA G36 130rd Mid Cap Magazine


For those who don’t like the low capacity standard AEG magazine, but yet hate winding and the rattling from high capacity magazine. This Mid Cap magazine are specially designed for you. 130 Rounds of loading capacity are enough for high shooting rate skirmish airsoft game. Suitable for 6mm Plastic Bullet only. Compatible with most G36 [...]


An easy to use drum magazine for the Thompson M1A1 AEG. Turn your Thompson into a full on Chicago typewriter.


Cyma P90 70 round mid capacity magazine 70 round mid capacity magazine for P90 series AEG, compatible with most brands


CYMA Metal Selector Switch Set for G36 Series. Replacement selector switch for Tokyo Marui, KWA, JG, Matrix, Echo 1, SRC and other compatible G36(MK36) / G36K(MK36K) / G36C(MK36C) series Airsoft AEG Electric Guns. Alloy Metal Construction. Metal reinforced construction for maximum durability. Note: Modification may be required for not Marui compatible models such as Classic [...]


Large hand grip for most g36’s allows fitting of a large battery comes with 3x rails for mounting of torches and lasers etc

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CYMA 6mm Complete MP5 AEG Gearbox Ver.2 with motor. 6mm metal bushing and ver.2 standard gears. Includes long type standard CYMA motor for MP5 Series AEG. MP5 Gearbox for all ver.2 MP5 models (except MP5K which use ver.3 gearbox). Complete drop-in gearbox solution for those who are looking for a powerful, durable yet economical complete [...]

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CYMA M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun (CM.033) The infamous M1A1 Thompson was the scourge of the Axis forces in WW2 in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific. The CYMA M1A1 Thompson is a great replica, made from alloy with faux wood furniture, the Thompson is a brilliant addition to your WW2 loadout. The CYMA M1A1 Thompson [...]

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CYMA AK74 150 round mid capacity magazine compatible with most AEG AK rifles, including: Tokyo Marui, Cyma, Dboys, Classic Army etc. However compatibility is not guaranteed. 150 round capacity.

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Airsoft Assault Rifles

Cyma CM5 CM041J submachine gun AEG


UKARA OR SITE MEMBERSHIP NUMBER NEEDED TO BUY THIS GUN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THIS WE CAN ONLY SEND A TWO TONE GUN. Please add your UKARA or VCR exemption details into comments box Cyma MP5, with a full metal body, retractable stock and new style hop up. Comes with a 200 round [...]

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Cyma ak47 magazine holds 500 rounds Standard sized and design AK47 type high capacity magazine Designs might vary


Cyma Airsoft Guns, Magazines and airsoft Parts

A leading brand for affordable Airsoft AK series

CYMA are a popular airsoft brand for those looking to start airsofting and are often well suited for beginners at prices that won’t break the budget. They are popular for their airsoft AK47 and AK74 series AEGs, which come in a variety of different types with their plastic body, budget range to their full metal, real wood variants. They offer classic AK variants as well as tactical AK variants with 20mm rail systems. Their AK AEGs are set up to use NiMh batteries and 7.4v LiPo batteries out of the factory.

Spring powered tri-shot airsoft shotguns

The Cyma M870 shotguns are partially cloned off the Tokyo Marui with a triple barrelled, fixed hop up system giving you a great performing and reliable spring shotgun fed from a 30 round shotgun shell style magazine. They have a selection of tactical folding stock airsoft shotguns and their PTS type operator shotguns in black & tan variants.

Mid & high capacity magazines

Cyma has a large range of high quality mid cap magazines and high cap magazines to fit various airsoft guns including M4/AR platforms, G36 series, M14, Thompson M1a1, AK drum magazines, MP5 series and many more. They offer other types of magazines like box magazines, shotgun shells and sniper magazines.

Replacement parts & accessories

Cyma offers a huge range of airsoft aftermarket external parts, gun stocks, rail mounts and replacement internal parts for MP5s, M4 platforms M14s and many more accessories for the AEGs they produce.

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