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High Quality King Arms AEGs & GBB Rifles

King Arms is a manufacturer of high quality airsoft guns based in Taiwan. They have over 15 years experience in manufacturing airsoft guns & accessories and have a large catalog of various replicas of firearms from around the world. 

Training Weapon System For New & Intermediate Players

King Arms produce their TWS range which is a great starting point for any new player or intermediate player looking for a new M4 AEG. They produce both 9mm and 5.56mm replica M4 AEGs built with a full polymer body, making the TWS range a sturdy, yet lightweight range of airsoft AEGs. 

The Black Rain Ordnance M4 AEGs is their top tier of airsoft M4's. Officially licenced, full metal replicas of the originals, these beasts come in three lengths. The CQB Black Rain M4 is ideal for just that, CQB environments, the second type is the Carbine Black Rain M4, which is a bit longer and then the Rifle Black Rain M4 which is the longest.

High Quality Airsoft Magazines & Magazine Accessories

As well as great quality airsoft guns, King Arms also produce some of the best airsoft gun magazines on the market, they manufacturer mid cap magazines and high cap magazines with both a budget and professional version available, as well as gas pistol magazines for their own KA17 and unique 1911 Predator pistols.

If you're looking for a great pistol & rifle combination with loads of accessories to go with them, then look no further than King Arms Airsoft.

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