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Showing 1–21 of 34 results

Pistons. cylinders and heads

Prometheus Stainless Hard Cylinder TYPE D


Top of the Range Internal Parts for AEG & NGRS Series

Prometheus are well know in the airsoft industry for manufacturing some of the best AEG internals parts money can buy. Their catalog of impressive products spans from 6.03 AEG tightbore inner barrels to double torque gearsets for the Tokyo Marui Recoils series and their quality cannot be faulted on any of it.

Prometheus ‘Prommy Purple’ Hop Rubber for AEG

Prometheus are probably most well known in the industry for their great performing soft, purple hop rubber which used as standard or in a flat hop system, is arguably the best out on the market today. Popular amongst technicians and seasoned players alike, Prometheus has built a reputation of delivering reliability, top performance and hassle free installation.

Supreme Upgrade Parts for Tokyo Marui NGRS

You can get full gearbox upgrade sets from Prometheus for your Tokyo Marui Recoil AEG if you feel the performance isn’t up to scratch. As mentioned previously, they manufacture double or normal torque gear sets for NGRS to compensate for a higher FPS spring installation, NGRS perfect tappet plate to give the AEG perfect feeding with every shot on single shot or fully automatic, enhanced CNC spring guide for NGRS to improve performance with a higher power spring and many more upgrade parts in stock.

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