How to get ready for your first airsoft skirmish

Getting Ready for your first airsoft game

How does an airsoft skirmish work?

 You will most likely play a simple game of team deathmatch. This consists of both teams trying to eliminate all of the other team’s players. It is a good idea to first familiarise yourself with how a game of airsoft takes place on the battlefield. You will be split into teams where you will have to understand the rules. Once you know the rules, you need to follow them in order to not be disqualified.

  • No friendly fire! It may seem obvious but you cannot shoot your teammates.
  • No headshots: For safety reasons, you will need to avoid aiming for the head.
  • Admit a hit: when you are hit by the opposition, you need to be honest
  • 10ft safety zone: You cannot shoot within this length as it is extremely dangerous.

How to get ready for your first airsoft skirmish

The roles of Airsoft battles

Your first team deathmatch will result in a success if you work as a team. Start by allocating what role you each would like to take on in battlefield such as:

  • Runner: This is not for the faint-hearted. It is the most skilled, and arguably the hardest, role in the skirmish. The purpose of a runner is to survive the entire course without getting hit once.
  • Solider: General duties applied to a soldier surround eliminating the opposition.
  • Protector: Your purpose is to protect your team so you will be heavily armed.

Above all, communication with your team will result in a proud win. Remember, your first airsoft skirmish will be a lot to process but ultimately, it should be fun!

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