Airsoft Communication & Radios

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Airsoft Communications And Radios

Staying in contact with your teammates out on the field is a must. Socom offers the best airsoft comms radios and headsets designed to take your game up a notch! 

We have a selection of tactical gear that includes airsoft radio headsets and other airsoft communicators that provide you with crystal-clear sound during any airsoft skirmish.

Elevate your tactical gear with hands-free communication with leading brands like Z Tactical and TCI. Easily streamlined into your current tactical equipment, airsoft radio headsets are the perfect addition to your team’s arsenal.

Customise your airsoft radios with accessories to give you and your teammates that true military look.

Shop Socom’s expert communication equipment and prepare your team for maximum performance.


The best communications for airsoft will depend on your needs. Some popular options are Z Tactical and TCI headsets, which provide great sound quality, even in the loudest of skirmishes, for excellent communication and teamwork.

Yes, you can use radio equipment for airsoft. Radio headsets and other communication devices provide a great way for teams to stay in contact with each other and update your team on your progress.

Airsoft can be quite loud, depending on the type of gun and environment. Sound levels typically sit around 90-95 decibels. This range is safe without hearing protection, but we recommend headsets of radio gear to keep in touch with your teammates easily over the noise and further distances.

No set rule states you have to say “hit” in airsoft, but it is considered good etiquette and a sign of respect. There is an exception for gun hits or ricochets, requiring you to say “gun hit” before resuming play. Using radio comms is a great way of keeping your team in the loop, especially if you’re hit out of the match.