Airsoft Knives

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For silent takedowns during more subtle operations, our airsoft knives choose an airsoft knife from Socom Tactical. These safe, fully authentic-looking combat blades are an ideal way to complete your skirmish loadout.

Showing all 7 results

Realistic Airsoft Training Knives from Socom Tactical

These imitation plastic and rubber knives are ideal for completing the authentic look of your airsoft loadout. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our range of airsoft knives is perfect for silent takedowns without the risk of causing injury.

Our airsoft knives are designed to be realistic and intimidating, allowing you to take your game to the next level. They’re used for training purposes only, so there are no sharp or serrated edges to cause harm, and they’re perfectly safe to use.

To add to the realism, our training knives come with a sheath for safe transport and storage. Slip them into your belt or boot for easy access during the game.

Airsoft Machetes, Axes and Bayonets

As well as rubber training knives, we also stock airsoft machetes, axes and bayonets in a variety of styles. Again, these are training replicas, so they don’t have any sharp edges. They make a truly fantastic addition to your airsoft kit.

Shop our full range of airsoft knives, machetes, bayonets and axes today at Socom Tactical! You’ll be the envy of your teammates with your fully authentic airsoft loadout.


Only plastic and rubber training knives are permitted for airsoft games. Anything else is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Airsoft knives generally consist of plastic or rubber and sometimes a combination of both. They should be flexible so that they don’t cause any injury during play.

Rubber training knives are not sharp. They’re made from flexible, blunt materials that won’t cause an injury when they come into contact with the skin.

Airsoft knives are designed to simulate real combat knives, but they come without any sharp edges. Use them to complete your loadout and make silent takedowns during the game.