HPA - High pressure Air

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HPA – High-Pressure Air

Find all the airsoft HPA parts you need for your gas airsoft guns in our selection. We stock reliable HPA tanks and accessories to keep you and your weapon powered up during your game. Shop now!


HPA Tank Filling

We can Fill HPA tanks up instore while you wait, Please make sure your tank is in Test time as if it requires a test we are unable to fill,
Tank fills for up to 1.5L 300 bar is £3

Showing 1–21 of 102 results

HPA - High pressure Air

EPES HPA Hose Cover – Camo


HPA - High pressure Air

Balystik HPR800C V2 HPA Regulator


HPA - High pressure Air

Dominator Scuba Yoke Fill Station


Airsoft Grease & Lubricants

TechT GunSav Grease


HPA - High pressure Air

Mancraft HRR Regulator (Gauge on top)


Keep Your Gun Powered-Up With Our Airsoft HPA

Ensure your gun is powered with our quality HPA tanks and parts. We have everything you need to provide a steady stream of high-pressure air to your gun, keeping you active on the battlefield.

Everything in our range is sourced from trusted airsoft manufacturers, so you know you’re getting top-notch quality. Shop from names like Mancraft, Totemair and Armotech, amongst other renowned brands.

Choose from a Variety of HPA Tanks

We have a great selection of airsoft HPA tanks for fueling up your gas-powered gun – and keeping it full of energy. Choose from a variety of capacities, from as small as 48ci (cubic inches) up to over 1 litre, and psi levels, ranging from low-pressure options to 4500psi.

Our Armotech HPA tanks are some of the best in the range, offering plenty of models. The Super Light Carbon HPA Tank is ideal for carrying around during those longer airsoft battles while still being incredibly durable.

Airsoft HPA Engines, Lines & Gauges

To pair with our HPA tanks, we stock a series of airsoft HPA engines, lines and gauges.

From the reliable Mancraft engines to the precision-crafted EPeS pressure gauges for reliable readings of your psi’s – we have a full range of products from all these brands and more.

We also supply numerous replacement parts, like tank gaskets and seal kits, should you need to repair any damaged bits of your HPA tanks.

Shop Quality Airsoft HPA at Socom Tactical Today

Power up your gas gun with HPA from our range, with plenty of features and options to choose from. 

Whether you’re in need of a new engine, lines or tanks – Socom Tactical is the place to go for top-quality airsoft HPA.


What is HPA in Airsoft?

HPA stands for ‘high-pressure air’. High-pressure air (HPA) systems are a type of pneumatic airsoft weapon that uses externally supplied high-pressure air instead of internal gas canisters, like the majority of gas-operated airsoft guns.

Are HPA Airsoft Guns Better?

Many players enjoy the controllability of HPA airsoft guns as it means they can adjust the power output of the gun to their preferences. The higher the psi, the higher the FPS. While they’re not necessarily ‘better’, these guns are a popular choice on the market for many players.

Is Airsoft HPA Safe?

Yes, airsoft HPA is a safe source of power when used correctly. It’s important to follow the safety instructions, use only compatible gas and tanks, and ensure correct maintenance of the airsoft gun for it to remain safe.

Is HPA Better than CO2?

Unlike CO2, HPA provides a more stable pressure. Some players may find HPA to be a better choice due to its consistent pressure and reliable power output. It’s also a good choice for playing in cold winter temperatures. But, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

How Does Airsoft HPA Work?

HPA systems work by using a separate high-pressure air tank connected to the airsoft gun with a hose. This is connected with a pneumatic motor inside the gun (called an “engine”) where the gearbox would be in a normal AEG.
The engine is powered by a fire control unit that can adjust to the desired rates of fire as well as the dwell that determines how much air is released with each individual shot.