Rucksacks for Airsofting

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Showing 1–21 of 35 results


Tasmanian Tiger Modular Molle Panel – Coyote Brown The Tasmanian Tiger modular molle panel is designed to fit into Tasmanian Tiger velcro equipped backpacks and bags using the velcro strips that come with it. You can attach pouches to it using molle, which it is built to work with, or attach velcro backed panels or pouches. [...]

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 RUSH 24 Backpack


The flagship RUSH 24 backpack is the ultimate 5.11 tactical backpack. Designed to hold all the gear you need for a 24-hour operation

Rucksacks for Airsofting

Emerson Gear Modular Assault Pack


A fantastic modular assault pack by Emerson Gear that can help you carry loads of gear out on the field with its large main compartment and smaller pockets

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 Rush Delivery – Lima (Sandstone)


5.11 Rush Delivery – Lima (Sandstone) PURPOSE BUILTc At 11″ high, 17″ long, and 4″ deep, the Lima Class RUSH Delivery Bag offers expanded capacity and fully customizable storage options that allow you to sort your gear effectively and efficiently. Built from ruggedized Nylon for superior resilience in any climate or environment, the RUSH Delivery [...]


A fantastic hydration assault pack by Emerson Gear is designed to carry all your necessary field gear and has a separate compartment for a water bladder

kombat uk mesh stow bag small

A mesh stow bag designed to fit into your rucksack and act as rucksack storage or carry bag to carry smaller accessories like chargers, USB cables or batteries


PURPOSE BUILT Organize your gear or convert your carryall into an instant go-bag with a Covert Insert from 5.11 Tactical®. Measuring 15 x 10”, the Small Covert Insert is ideally sized for a backpack or briefcase and is fully compatible with web gear, MOLLE, TacTec, or any hook and loop storage system. A rigid structure [...]

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 RUSH 72 Backpack


A huge backpack designed for a 72-hour operation. The RUSH 72 backpack by 5.11 tactical has loads of storage space for everything you'd need out on the field. Great for a weekend bag


Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 Covert Large Backpack Insert


A large backpack insert to give you quick access to any molle pouches you need in a hurry like IFAK or medic pouches with this double-sided molle platform. A great covert insert for the RUSH 24 or RUSH 72


Kombat UK Cadet 60 Litre Rucksack – BTP The Kombat UK cadet 60 litre rucksack is great for cadet fieldcraft camp, camping and milsim weekends. The rucksack is made from 600D Kodex water resistant materials. This means that the rucksack is lightweight and will be able to keep your kit dry. The rucksack has a [...]


Tasmanian Tiger Trojan Rifle Pack – Coyote The Tasmanian Tiger trojan rifle pack is built from Cordura® 700D and is designed to be used for carrying a rifle and needed supplies out in the field. The pack consists of the backpack and the rifle bag, which is attached behind the backplate using molle. The area for the [...]


Made from ultra-durable 500D/1050D nylon, the HAVOC 30 Backpack features waist belt magazine pockets, double AR magazine/water bottle pockets, and admin pockets for good measure. The 1.5” waist strap is 5.11 Zero-G Plate™-compatible, and the hydration pocket is chest plate-compatible, meaning you’ll have unmatched armor and ammo support, all in a sleek, low-profile package. A [...]

Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 RUSH 12 Backpack


The 5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 backpack is a great backpack for daily exercises, travel bag or day trips out with loads of storage options available


WBD Large travelling rucksack with support The large travelling rucksack features a large compartment with several internal netted and material pockets. It also features a sunglasses pouch at the top and a hydration pack pocket where it sits on your back with spaces for the tube to feed through. The adjustable belt allows you to [...]


Rucksacks for Airsofting

Kombat UK Ruck sack cover small


Kombat UK Ruck sack cover small Water Resistant BTP Nylon cover with drawstring operation. Suitable for bags up to 45 litre capacity.

Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

WBD Dual-Purpose Backpack & Vest


A tactical dual-purpose backpack and vest combo with molle loops on the inside to provide space for any molle pouches you need out in the field.

Rucksacks for Airsofting

Emerson Gear D3 Multi-Purpose Bag


A popular design from Emerson Gear, the D3 multi-purpose bag has a fantastic main compartment with several smaller pockets to store any sized accessories


Rucksacks for Airsofting



VIPER LAZER SHOULDER PACK TITANIUM Retaining straps/bungees Exterior utility pouches Mesh back panel Shoulder straps with QR buckle LAZER MOLLE webbing attachments 2 x Velcro ID panelsv 2 x V-Lock 1 x D-Lock Material: 600D Cordura Dimensions(cm): 31 x 20 x 16


Rucksacks for Airsofting

5.11 Rush Delivery – Mike (Sandstone)


5.11 Rush Delivery – Mike (Black) PURPOSE BUILT At 9.5″ high, 14″ long, and 3.5″ deep, the Mike Class RUSH Delivery Bag is a quick and efficient tactical carryall with a wide range of customizable options that allow you to sort and store as you see fit. Built from ruggedized Nylon for superior resilience in [...]


Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack SMKII – Olive The Tasmanian Tiger medic assault pack is built from Cordura® 700D and is designed to have an intelligent and clearly laid out interior. This is obvious from just looking at it.  This medic assault pouch is a fantastic piece of kit. Its design means that you can [...]


5.11 Ignitor backpack (Sandstone) A lightweight, loaded, structurally enhanced backpack engineered for the long haul and tough work. Featuring adjustable and removable load-bearing belt panels that are ThumbDrive® Holster and SlickStick compatible, a rugged Zephyr™ suspension system with aerospace mesh for comfortable carry of heavy loads, and built in RUSH Tier scabbard capability, the Ignitor [...]

Rucksacks and Bag for Airsoft Gear

Our range of tactical airsoft rucksacks provide the personal storage you need for all your airsoft gear. Featuring variable compression, straps galore and MOLLE panels, our airsoft rucksacks are ideal for any occasion.

Weather-resistant, hardwearing and built from durable camo material, our airsoft rucksacks are the most practical personal storage to carry into the field. They protect your contents from the elements without compromising movement or concealment.

Whatever they’re used for these airsoft , lightweight rucksacks and carry bags are made from durable material and have loads of space for bb’s, spare batteries, pouches and other gear you might need.

Explore our range of high quality airsoft rucksacks below.