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Sniper Upgrades

Are you looking to hit enemy airsoft players beyond 80m? Socom Tactical offers a range of airsoft sniper upgrades designed to maximise the potential of your sniper rifle. Upgrade parts include spring guide and springs, pistons, hop-up parts and much more.

Showing 1–21 of 91 results

Become a Complete Marksman With our Airsoft Sniper Upgrades

Our range of airsoft sniper parts and upgrades includes everything you need to increase the accuracy and range of your airsoft sniper rifle.

Each upgrade is expertly designed to improve the precision and general performance of a range of popular sniper rifles, including the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 and JG VSR 10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Sniper with Scope.

High-quality Airsoft Sniper Parts from Trusted Manufacturers

We stock sniper upgrades from some of the top manufacturers and brands in the airsoft industry, ensuring you receive the highest quality components and parts.

Build up your rifle with parts from the likes of Jing Gong, Modify, Maple Leaf and more – all respectable and reliable names in the field of airsoft.

Upgrade Your Sniper Rifle With Socom

Browse our selection of top-quality airsoft sniper upgrade parts today to find the perfect parts for your gun. From triggers to barrels to springs, you’ll find everything you need to refine and expand the capabilities of your sniper rifle here at Socom Tactical.

Order now and receive free shipping on when you spend over £100.

If you’re unsure of how to upgrade your airsoft sniper or need a recommendation, get in touch with a trained member of our team. You can also visit our flagship store in Fleet, UK.


What Are the Best Upgrades for Airsoft Snipers?

There are numerous ways in which you can upgrade your airsoft sniper rifle, including upgrading the trigger. By replacing the standard trigger with a more advanced aftermarket one, you can improve accuracy and response. Conversion kits are also a good way to upgrade.

What is the Max FPS for Airsoft Snipers?

Most sniper rifles will have a max of 500FPS. You may also need to check the muzzle velocity limits and rules for the airsoft site you go to, as some sites may have different regulations on what can and can’t be used. It’s always a good idea to check before you play.

How Do I Upgrade My Airsoft Sniper?

There are lots of resources online that can give you ideas on what to upgrade and how to do it. You can also give us a call or come visit us at our shop and range – we’d be more than happy to provide you with advice on upgrading your rifle.

What are the Parts of a Sniper Rifle?

The main parts of an airsoft sniper consist of the: muzzle, barrel, forestock, chamber, receiver, trigger, grip, stock and butt. Of course, there are many other components, but these are the main parts.