Tactical Shirts and Tops

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Give yourself the best airsoft protection with our selection of tactical shirts and tops. Made for comfort and protection, our shirts will keep you safe from weather and BBs. Read More

Showing 1–21 of 24 results

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Tactical Shirts and Tops

Kombat UK Defender Tactical Fleece


Tactical Shirts and Tops

Kombat Recon Tactical Hoodie


Tactical Shirts and Tops

Kombat Tactical Hoodie


Airsoft Tactical Shirts & Tops

At Socom, we have a wide range of airsoft shirts and tops, from lightweight and breathable airsoft t-shirts to longer-sleeved options for the colder games.

Keeping yourself protected is a really important part of the game, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort.

Our airsoft shirts are made from comfortable materials so you can run around without the hindrance of still or bulky clothing that gets in the way of your game. They come in various colours, too – from classic black to camouflage patterns – so you can blend in with your surroundings, giving you the advantage of surprise on the airsoft field.

Take your pick from assault shirts, combat shirts, and Special Ops shirts for whatever style of airsoft game you prefer. We have airsoft clothing for all levels of play, from beginner to professional, so you can get fully kitted out no matter what.

For ultimate, all-round protection, pair your airsoft t-shirt with assault vests for extra coverage. Not forgetting the rest of your tactical clothing, like trousers, socks, boots and protective gear.

Browse Socom’s range of airsoft shirts for the very best in airsoft clothing. The perfect combination of comfort and protection, so you can focus on playing your game.


You can wear a regular t-shirt, but we wouldn’t recommend it. You want to make sure you’re properly protected against BBs, and everyday clothing won’t do that. Get yourself an airsoft t-shirt for maximum safety. Plus, the camo colours will help you blend into the environment, giving you a stealthy advantage.

We recommend to all airsoft players to wear an actual airsoft t-shirt when playing the sport. They’ll give you the necessary protection and coverage against BBs, weather and general wear and tear. We have a range of shirt styles here at Socom, so take a look at our collection.

Yes, there are different styles of airsoft tops – but they all offer the same level of protection. Combat shirts are often made from lightweight and breathable materials to keep you cool, while assault shirts typically offer more coverage but are still designed for comfort. Special Ops shirts are ideal for more serious airsoft players or those games where stealth is key.

You’ll need a good-quality airsoft t-shirt, as well as a protective outer layer, like a coat or jacket. You should also make sure you have protective gear, like helmets and goggles. Then, for the lower half of your body, trousers and socks that can handle any terrain.

And, of course, don’t forget footwear – you’ll need some comfortable and supportive boots for a full day of airsofting. Assault vests are a great additional layer for extra protection and somewhere to store your BBs and other gear.