Are All Airsoft Gun Magazines The Same?

Are All Airsoft Gun Magazines The Same

Airsoft gun magazines come in different shapes and sizes. Some airsoft gun magazines are designed to fit a specific airsoft gun, while others are more universal in design.

It is important to know which airsoft gun magazine is compatible with your airsoft gun before purchasing one, as using an incompatible airsoft gun magazine can cause damage to your airsoft gun.

Magazines hold the airsoft BBs that are fed into the airsoft gun. Most airsoft gun magazines are made from plastic, with a metal spring inside to push the airsoft BBs up.

Airsoft gun magazines come in different capacities, which is the amount of airsoft BBs they can hold. The capacity of an airsoft gun magazine will usually be listed in the product description.

Types of Airsoft Gun Magazines

There are several different types of airsoft gun magazines for the wide range of different airsoft guns on offer. There are key differences between each type, which is why it is so important to make sure that they match. 

Airsoft Shotgun Magazines

Airsoft shotgun magazines are available for the wide range of different airsoft shotguns. Whether you have a gas or electric shotgun, or the Tokyo Marui, there are many different types such as drum magazines and slim profile magazines.

Airsoft Pistol Magazines

You can buy extended or standard airsoft pistol magazines to fit your pistol and your personal style. There are so many different types of airsoft pistol out there, so make sure you are buying one that matches.

Airsoft Sniper Magazines

For all the long-range experts out there, sniper magazines give you that extra peace of mind if you are going to be facing additional skirmishes. Look for additional capacity if you need it, otherwise go for lightweight.

Airsoft Gun Magazine Parts

Every now and again, you are going to need to give your airsoft gun magazines a little maintenance and repair. Rather than replacing any damaged magazines, you can shop for replacement parts. You may be surprised by how easy it is to fix.

Airsoft gun magazine parts include replacement base plates, replacement bulb caps, and replacement magazine followers, but you can also invest in O-rings to convert your magazines to silent. 

Compatible Airsoft Gun Magazines

Compatible airsoft gun magazines will offer smooth action and can be reloaded with ease. The best way to ensure that you are buying a compatible magazine is by checking the manufacturer description carefully.

It is important to note that just because the magazine is for the same kind of airsoft gun, that does not mean that it is compatible with your specific make. For example, you should not buy any random pistol magazine and expect it to fit yours.

Types of Airsoft Gun Magazines
Are All Airsoft Gun Magazines The Same?

Incompatible Airsoft Gun Magazines

Simply put, incompatible airsoft gun magazines will either not work or cause damage to your gun. The chances are that it will not fit the gun in question, and as a result will have to be returned.

However, it is important to note that you should not try to force an incompatible magazine to fit your airsoft gun. This could result in wear and tear and could even cause a blockage. If you have any questions about whether the magazine is compatible, contact our team. We will be able to help you find the right fit.

High-Capacity Airsoft Magazines

High-capacity airsoft magazines will hold many BBs. If you are new to the sport, or you don’t want to waste a lot of time reloading, then these are a great choice.

Different types of high-capacity airsoft magazines include the drum magazine (typically for light machine guns), dual magazine (which are two magazines), cartridge magazine (which are made for maximum capacity) and box magazines (which look real but offer more BB storage).

Low Capacity Airsoft Magazines

As you would expect, low capacity airsoft gun magazines offer very little in the way of BB storage. You can generally expect to load up to thirty BBs, but it will depend on the airsoft gun in question.

Because these magazines are so geared towards realism, you will generally find them being used by historical re-enactment groups, people simulating military skirmishes, and those who want to get as close to the real thing as they can.

Low Capacity Airsoft Magazines
Are All Airsoft Gun Magazines The Same?

Mid Capacity Airsoft Magazines

Mid-capacity airsoft magazines are the middle ground for those who want a little more realism and a bit more of a challenge in their skirmish but want to have the freedom to unload and have fun.

These magazines are often manufactured to look a lot more like the real thing than high-capacity magazines, and you can normally find somewhere between 60 and 120 rounds inside. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to level up.

How To Load An Airsoft Magazine

The best way to load an airsoft magazine will depend on the type of magazine and the gun in question. If you have a gas gun, you will need to hold the gas bottle to the magazine for up to ten seconds, or load the gas cartridge, before pouring in the BBs.

With an AEG airsoft gun, you will need to place your speed loader on the magazine and pour BBs from it. Then, turn the spur gear on your magazine. Once it is full, simply insert it into your airsoft gun. 

Airsoft Magazine Issues

It is probable that you are going to run into an issue with an airsoft magazine at some point or another, and it is often a question of maintenance or incorrect loading. This is why it is so important to inspect your gear regularly.

The most common issue with airsoft magazines is that the BBs are not feeding properly. This can generally be fixed by ensuring that every part is properly attached and aligned correctly. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

Final Thoughts

The perfect magazine for your airsoft gun really depends on what you want from it. Do you want the freedom to unload round after round, or do you want to get as close as you can to the real thing? Whatever you want, make sure that you find a magazine that is compatible. 


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