Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Airsoft Shooting Range

If you’ve been following our social media updates, you’ll know we’ve spent the past few months moving to a bigger and better shop that’s been purpose-built with two airsoft shooting ranges!

Not only does this mean we can host airsoft events, competitions and meet and greets with gun suppliers, but all of our customers can also shoot our range of airsoft guns before they buy.

Everything in-store is also available online, so after a day at the range, you can buy in-store or when you get home with free shipping on orders over £100 ad 0% interest-free credit available – that’s pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

Where is Our New Airsoft Range Located?

Our new ultimate airsoft range and shop are located just 1.3 miles from our previous store. Although we’re not far from home, the upgrade is massive, and we know you’ll love the extra space.

You’ll find us at:

Unit 6 Quantum Business Park

Beacon Hill Road

Church Crookham



GU52 8EA

Our airsoft shooting range has been bespoke built exactly to our needs, and, more importantly, yours. It’s a fantastic space for testing out guns and meeting other airsoft enthusiasts!

Our Airsoft Shooting Range Features & Walkthrough

With all the extra space we have, we’ve been able to come up with a whole range of fantastic features that’ll make your shopping and shooting experience even more enjoyable.

Here are just a few of them:

Larger Selection Of Products 

One of the most exciting features of our new shop is the huge range of products. Not only do we have tons of airsoft guns, but we also have a great selection of airsoft gear. From helmets and tactical pouches to belts and a whole lot more, you can buy everything you need to get kitted out for your next game.

Airsoft Shop
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Airsoft Range/Testing Area

Of course, the biggest upgrade our new location offers is our airsoft range. We have two fantastic ranges and testing areas where you can try out our range of guns before you buy to get a feel for the firearms you’ve got your eye on.

You can use the range to practice your aiming accuracy before you head off to your next game, and our team of airsoft experts are always on hand if you need any support or advice.

Airsoft Gun Range
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

More Parking

To accommodate the increased number of customers, we’ve also made sure to increase the number of parking spaces available, so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot when you come and visit us.

Our shop sits in the Quantum Business Park, which has plenty of parking space.

Parking Area
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Larger Area to Walk Around

As we’ve already mentioned, our new shop has plenty of extra space, so you can take your time and explore all of the incredible gear we have on offer. There are display walls that feature all of our airsofting equipment on offer, so you can browse up and down the shop.

Take a look at what we have on offer, talk to our staff and get to know the products you’re interested in.

New Airsoft Shops
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

What Can You Shoot at Our New Airsoft Gun Range?

Our shooting range is the ideal place to try out and test the guns we have available in-store (as well as any you’ve brought along with you). You can give your firearm a trial run before taking it to your next game so you can perfect your aim. 

Plus, you can get advice and support from an experienced instructor at our range on using your gun should you need it.

types of airsoft guns final 1
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Pistols – Knowing how to handle your pistol is essential for close-range combat. Practice at the range to make sure you can hit the target with accuracy and speed!

Assault Rifles – Experience the full potential of your assault rifle as you take it out to the range. Test out different shooting modes and get a feel for how it behaves so you know what to expect in-game.

Sniper Rifles – For strategic and tactical players, our range is the ideal place to test out your sniper rifle and ensure you can hit your target from a distance. We can also give you some pointers and tips to improve your accuracy.

Large Selection of Airsoft Guns
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Hiring Our Airsoft Range for Parties & Events

Thanks to the huge space we now have, we’re able to offer private range hire for parties and events. If you or someone you know loves all-thing airsoft, why not hire our entire range and have a big airsoft shindig with your friends? It’s perfect for birthday parties, corporate team-building days and more!

To start, we plan to have organised events starting in July for the first Thursday of each month, with competitions running in the evening. 

And if you wish to privately hire the range out, you will be able to do so from the middle of July. The range can be hired for up to 2 people in 30-minute slots.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for updates on specific dates and rates.

Airsoft Shop Hampshire
Experience Our Brand New Airsoft Gun Range In Fleet!

Upcoming Airsoft Range Events

To make the most of our new airsoft range, we’re starting to hold events and competitions, too. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with a few airsofting buddies, meet new people and enjoy a whole lot of shooting!

We’ll be updating our list of upcoming events regularly, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our events page and our social media channels.

As we mentioned above, we plan to roll out our events on the first Thursday of July and every first Thursday of the month after that, with plans to expand to weekly events.

Our first event will be Pistol Night, where you’ll get to test out a range of pistols and take part in some pistol-only competitions. You really don’t want to miss out on this one!

We’ll See You There!

We’re so excited to finally open our new airsoft range and shop, and we can’t wait to see you all there! Thanks to everyone who supported our move and journey here – we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Come and experience the ultimate airsoft gun shopping and shooting experience today – we look forward to seeing you soon!


About Laurence Kay

Laurence is a keen airsoft player and has been the owner of SoCom Tactical for over 10 years. He’s played airsoft all over the country solo and as part of teams and is an expert on all things airsoft, like tactics, airsoft guns and gameplay equipment. As one of the UK’s leading airsoft suppliers and retailers, Laurence is the go-to source for airsoft knowledge.