Best Airsoft Grenade Launchers

A grenade launcher is the answer to pretty much every question when it comes to airsoft. Need to clear a room? Bumped into 4 enemies by accident? Enjoy launching 200 BBs at someone with effortless ease? Airsoft grenade launchers are your friend! They solve all these problems and more, so here’s our best airsoft grenade launchers!

Most airsoft grenade launchers are a riff on the M203 single shot, 40mm grenade launcher. Designed to be attached to a rifle barrel, the M203 provided a versatile ordinance option to a standard U.S M16 and M4 Carbine. Traditionally a situational weapon, a grenade isn’t effective in every scenario, but where it is, it shines. The M203 launcher solved this problem by offering a portable, easily to manage option to a rifle, which worked in many more situations.

Other grenade launchers are single, complete units. While bulkier than their under-slung counterparts, they have the accuracy advantage of sights and stocks.

Used as close fire support against point and area targets, they are best deployed against enemies in dead space that cannot be reached by direct fire. The typical tactic is to use suppressing fire to pin down the enemy, then finish them with a well-placed grenade.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers

In airsoft, grenade launchers serve a similar purpose. They provide a portable, situational option. Unlike exploding grenades, 40mm airsoft grenades spray hundreds of BBs out all at once.

How Airsoft Grenade Launchers Work

If you want to launch a grenade into a crowd and take them all out, you might have to think again. It’s not like you’re sending explosive shrapnel into people’s legs.

Think of 40mm grenade rounds like buckshot. Only on steroids. You load them like airsoft magazines and fill the reservoir with gas. Then load it into your launcher. All you need now is a victim…

When you pull the trigger, the grenade stays put, the reservoir is emptied and 200 BBs fly out of the barrel at high velocity towards your target.

Our Top 5 Grenade Launchers

5. S-Thunder Pistol Grenade Launcher

The compact shot that no one sees coming. This pistol-style launcher is compact, yet effective. Its snub barrel makes this airsoft grenade launcher easy to carry, even if it does lack the range of its larger brothers. However, in close quarters, this little guy does the job every time.

4. D-Boys GP25 AK 40mm Grenade Launcher

This rugged, metal launcher is designed for the AK rifle series and is based on the Russian design. As such, this airsoft grenade launcher is simple, practical and rugged.

3. Airsoft EGLM 40mm SCAR Grenade Launcher

An enhanced grenade launcher for an FN SCAR series airsoft rifle, this under-slung airsoft grenade launcher attaches to the barrel of a SCAR providing an extra element of explosiveness to your airsoft rifle.

Designed to be loaded from the left side or right side, this grenade launcher is comfortable and easy to use. The sideloading feature also speeds up reload times in case you need to blow people up a second or third time.

2. Zoxna Mini Launcher

This launcher has everything: it’s hilarious, adorable and versatile. This launcher is so small you can attach it to a pistol if you wanted to, thanks to its adjustable base. Though teeny tiny, it fires 40 BBs in one shot. Up close, you’re going to know you’ve been hit!

1. EGLM 40mm SCAR Stand Alone Grenade Launcher

This stand alone launcher does it all. Whether fitted under a rifle or fully assembled as a standalone unit, this airsoft grenade launcher solves any problem you point it at. Fully assembled, you can attach torches, scopes or even laser sights to improve your accuracy.

Lightweight even when fully assembled, this grenade launcher is rugged, reliable and highly effective against groups of targets. The adjustable stock gives you an excellent firing position, unlike other under barrel launchers.

Do you have a passion for going OTT with BBs? Then you were born to wield one of these heavy duty pieces of kit. If the only answer you need 200 BBs in less than a second, explore our full range of launchers, M203 & Moscart shells and accessories.