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Airsoft Grenade Launchers

As a leading retailer in the UK for airsoft grenade launchers, we supply a wide range of launchers from attachments to stand alone units. Get more bang for your buck with airsoft grenade launchers from the one of the UK’s first-class suppliers. Find out more.


Our range includes the popular airsoft m203 grenade launcher, an ideal attachment to your assault rifle. Our 3-in-1 launchers are designed with fittings for most airsoft guns and is barrel and RAS mounted.


5-Thunder Composite | CYMA 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher | EGLM 40mm SCAR Stand Alone


Grenade Launchers are Great for Combat


Airsoft grenade launchers fire a specifically designed large-calibre projectile, such as a BB grenade or smoke grenade. Some airsoft grenade launchers are standalone weapons, but today, many airsofters prefer an under slung attachment model.


Our range of airsoft grenade launchers includes attachments, guns, mini launchers and mortars. For more effective use on the battlefield, our airsoft grenade launchers include sights for long shot lobs, and fast release for CQB scenarios. Purchase your grendade launcher with 0% finance.


Specialised, Situational Tools


Airsoft grenade launchers are designed for taking out clustered groups of opponents either by direct hits or forcing displacement. If you need to clear an area fast, use a grenade. While capable of being attached to the underside of a range of airsoft guns and being simple to operate, grenades require precision and practice to be effective.


The gas-powered grenades remain within the launcher so they can be used again – just add more BBs! We supply a range of BBS, including 0.23gs, 0.25gs and 0.2gs

Our grenade launchers attach easily to a range of airsoft guns and firing is as easy as pulling the trigger.


Remember, when using grenades and grenade launchers, it’s more important than ever to wear eye protection. The range and effectiveness of our grenade launchers can catch new operators by surprise, so take care when firing.