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Airsoft Gun Accessories & Parts from COW COW Technology

Are you looking to modify your airsoft pistol or gun with high-grade parts? COW COW Technology truly offers some of the best customisable external parts and internal enhancements that will not only help it to look the part, but also improve the performance of your pistol to get it competition ready. 

With various external & internal parts available, COW COW produce products for various models including the Hi-Capa, 1911, M&P9, G17 & G19 gas blowback pistols. All of their parts are designed to work with Tokyo Marui pistols unless stated otherwise.

High Quality CNC External Parts

COW COW produce a number of high quality airsoft external replacement and add on parts for a few popular pistols on the market. They've produced several types of RAW cocking handles for the TM Hi-capa/1911 series pistols, CNC fast lock outer barrel & compensator for Glocks and even custom magazine base plates for the Hi-Capa series. 

COW COW offer several cosmetic items to help modify your Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa to get it looking how you want, anything from custom grip tape & lower frames, to fiber optic sights & fiber optic rods you can cut down yourself for your own project.

Internal CNC Upgrade Parts For Hi-Capa, 1911, Glock & M&P9

COW COW's other staple is the superior upgrade parts they manufacture for various TM pistols including enhanced nozzle springs, high flow nozzle valves, 140% hammer springs for the TM Glock, enhanced recoil springs and many more including universal parts like upgraded hop rubbers for TM or WE Tech pistols.

So, if you're looking for the ultimate in upgrades for you Tokyo Marui pistol, then look no further than COW COW Technology, they have a constant growing and improving catalog of upgrade and external parts for pistols. See below for our current range of products and keep checking back for more parts over time.

Can't find what you're looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can order it in for you.