Dynatex Blank Firing BFGs

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Dynatex Airsoft Blank Firing grenades

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Dynatex ‘Dominator’ blank firing impact grenade   IMPORTANT: DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS, WE CANNOT SHIP ANY BLANK FIRING GRENADES OUTSIDE OF THE UK Please Note: These are no longer supplied with the 9mm tops due to manufacturing costs and will only be supplied with the tops to accept the .209 primer blanks. From the original [...]


Enjoy six continuous grenade throws with the all-new Dynatex 6209 multishot blank firing grenade, the master of the airsoft BFG

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Dynatex blank firing grenade priming/plunger tool   Replacement or spare plunger resetting tool for the Dynatex ‘Original’ blank firing grenade. Features: – Strong steel construction – Curved end to prevent damage – Plastic curved top for better comfort This resetting tool is designed specifically for the Dynatex ‘Original’ BFG. It has the curved end on [...]

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Adapters and accessories

Dynatex BFG .209 Shotgun Primer Adapter


Dynatex BFG .209 Shotgun Primer Adapter Spare or replacement top for the Dynatex ‘Original’ and ‘Dominator’ blank firing grenades to fit .209 primers. Features: – Direct replacement for Dynatex BFG – Holds .209 shotgun primers –

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The Dynatex Original BFG Blank Firing Grenade one of the best-timed training grenades on the market with 3-5 fuse to let off a .209 blank

Dynatex Airsoft Blank Firing grenades

Dynatex Blank firing distraction devices

Dynatex is the original designer and manufacturers of the popular blank firing grenades Also known as BFG for airsoft games. Most airsoft sites in the UK allow 9mm blanks or .209 primers to be used in an impact or timed BFGs, making Dynatex a great option. Dynatex has a long history of making high-quality BFGs and accessories. For over twenty years, Dynatex has set the standard for airsoft pyros.

Both grenades have cross-compatible tops which chamber either a 9mm blank or a .209 shotgun primer, although most BFGs are now only manufactured with the .209 top and the 9mm top sold as an aftermarket product to help increase production times.

Each grenade comes with a safety pin with extra grenade pins available as well as spare accessories including the plunger reset tool.

Finding the right pouch for a grenade can always be difficult, luckily the Dynatex BFGs are easy to source pouches for, whether you go for a large grenade pouch, radio pouch or any other tactical pouch you may see fit.

If you’re looking for a blank firing grenade, a BFG from Dynatex is a sure-fire bet for rookies and veterans alike.

Dynatex Original Timed Grenade

The Dynatex Original is a Timed airsoft training blank firing grenade with a 3-5 second delay once the handle has been released. Which Can take a single 209 Blank or on previous versions no longer available 9mm and 12g.

Dynatex Dominator Impact BFG Grenade

The Dynatex Dominator BFG is a single 209 blank impact grenade that instantly detonates once hitting a hard surface. constructed of a highly durable plastic body its built to last. Features super quick reload to get you back into your airsoft game.

Dynatex 6209 Multishot impact grenade

The newest release from Dynatex the Dynatex 6209 multi-shot impact airsoft grenade enables the loading of 6 x 209 blanks which can be reloaded by turning the bottom which locks into place ready for the next use.


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