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E&C XM177E2 Commando AEG (Grey Body)

E&C Airsoft

Find a fantastic range of E&C Airsoft parts and accessories right here at Socom Tactical! We stock everything from customisable gun body parts to aftermarket accessories, all made to a high-quality standard. Take a look!

Showing 1–21 of 61 results

Airsoft Assault Rifles

E&C XM177E2 Commando AEG (Grey Body)


AEG Mid and Low Cap Magazines

E&C 160 round M4 / M16 metal mid cap Tan


Airsoft Assault Rifles

E&C M16a1 with M203 Launcher


Airsoft Assault Rifles

E&C EC-319 M16 A1 AEG (Metal body)


Receivers & Outer Barrels

VN M16A1 Receiver Set With Colt Markings


AEG Mid and Low Cap Magazines

E&C 417 110 Round Mid-Cap


Airsoft Stocks & Handguards

E&C VN M16 Handguard Set


Airsoft Stocks & Handguards

E&C XM177 Handguard Set


Flash Hiders For Airsoft Guns

E&C XM177 Flash Hider (14mm CCW)


Airsoft Stocks & Handguards

E&C XM177 Stock (AEG)


Pistol and Gas magazines

E&C G19 GBB Pistol Magazine


Every thing else and electrical

E&C M4 AEG Trigger and Spring


Receivers & Outer Barrels

E&C 416 Metal Receiver (Body) No Marking


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

E&C Noveske Sound Hog


Pistol and Gas magazines

E&C Hi-Capa 5.1 Spare GBB Magazine


Leading Airsoft Products and Accessories from E&C Airsoft

We have a variety of parts from E&C, ranging from customisable body parts like Keymod rail sets and special ops crane stocks, to aftermarket accessories like mid cap magazines & high cap magazines for M4 series AEGs.

This manufacturer is one of the leading and most popular airsoft brands, and for good reason!

E&C Airsoft Guns

We stock a number of E&C Airsoft guns, including pistols and M16s, that are made using fantastic quality materials and parts.

The gas blowback pistols have a polymer frame and metal slide, offering a realistic shooting experience. This makes them the perfect choice for those looking for an airsoft gun that offers excellent accuracy and power.

Our selection of M16s are also made with top quality materials, making these guns highly reliable and accurate in any playing conditions.

E&C M4 Gun Parts

With our selection of E&C body parts, you’ll never experience a dysfunctional M4 out on the field.

We pride ourselves in stocking some of the more looked over parts needed to have an M4 fully functional, including M4 delta ring sets, locking M4 body pin sets, M4 magazine release catches and much, much more.

Quality Internal Airsoft Gun Parts by East Crane Airsoft

We stock various internal parts from E&C which fit into most gearbox’s and bodies due to the design being directly based off Tokyo Marui, meaning you won’t have a compatibility issue with most other brands out there.

We offer the E&C reinforced V2 quick change gearbox shell or the entire Version 2 quick change gearbox designed for the M4 platform making them an easy installation for even beginner technicians.

Shop E&C Airsoft at Socom Tactical Today

Browse our collection of East Crane Airsoft today and find everything you need to make your airsoft gun as good as new.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch – we may be able to order in parts for you!


Where is East Crane Airsoft Based?

East Crane (or EC) Airsoft is based in Hong Kong and they have been around since 2005.

Is E&C Airsoft a Good Brand?

Yes! East Crane Airsoft is a reliable and popular brand amongst airsoft players due to the high-quality materials used and the reliability of their guns.

Are E&C Airsoft Guns Goods?

E&C Airsoft guns are really good quality, and they’re used by many players. Their gas blowback pistols in particular are very accurate and powerful.