Jefftron Airsoft Mosfet

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JeffTron Airsoft Mosfets

JeffTron was founded in 2011 as a manufacturer of electronic devices for Airsoft Electric guns. Based in the Czech Republic, they produce some of the most popular Airsoft AEGs and accessories on the market.

Known for their high quality, durability, and performance – JeffTron products are used by Airsoft players all over the world and are trusted by some of the most prestigious Airsoft teams.


Showing 1–21 of 35 results

Airsoft Mosfets

Jefftron AEP Mosfet


Every thing else and electrical

Jefftron Leviathan M4 Bolt Catch Micro Switch


Every thing else and electrical

Jefftron Leviathan Dual Pressure Pad Switch



With many different models available, JeffTron has a MOSFET for everyone, including the JeffTron Mosfet Solo, JeffTron Active Brake II and the JeffTron Leviathan EVO 3.

MOSFETs give you contactless switching of any circuit. For AEGs, it is used for contact closure while the trigger is pressed.

Advantages of MOSFETS

There are many advantages to using a MOSFET: –

  • Contactless switching: No more damaging of trigger contacts by high currents.
  • Better trigger response: The AEG will fire almost immediately when you pull the trigger.
  • Higher ROF (Rate of Fire): You can fire your AEG at a higher rate without damaging the trigger contacts.
  • Lower battery consumption: The MOSFET will only consume power when the trigger is pressed, so your battery will last longer.

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