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JeffTron company was founded in 2011 as a manufacturer of electronic devices for all types of airsoft guns. Based in the Czech republic, JeffTron produce some of the most unique airsoft MOSFETs out on the market.

With many different models available, JeffTron have a MOSFET for everyone, whether you want an inbuilt Version 3 gearbox MOSFET  or want a standalone micro mosfet with wiring for your M14 or Thompson (for example) then you'll be able to find the right one with JeffTron.

Check out our blog on airsoft Mosfets here What is an airsoft Mosfet?

MOSFETs give you contactless switching of any circuit. For AEGs, it is used for contact closure while the trigger is pressed.
Advantages in using a MOSFET:
- Contactless switching.
- No more damaging of trigger contacts by high current - used for signal only.
- Increases rate of fire as well as battery life.
- Works with all commonly used batteries (Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd/Li-Po/Li-Ion/Li-Fe) with voltage 6,6V-11,1V.
- Designed primarily for all AEGs - automatic electric guns.

Jefftron Leviathan Bluetooth MOSFET

The Jefftron Leviathan series is a processor-controlled MOSFET with Bluetooth communication. It adds new shooting modes, controls rate of fire, enables pre-cocking for DMR builds, active braking to give you no overspin on the motor, low battery indication to prevent you from damagin your LiPos, statistics... everything is controlled via application on a smartphone (iOS and Android). The device is fully integrated inside the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts. Comes with completely made wires to stock or handguard, with 30A mini fuse and dean T connector, as well as a custom trigger on the V2 version and the best part is,  no soldering needed!

There is currently a JeffTron Leviathan for the Version 2 gearbox to fit the M4 (trigger included), MP5, G3 and more and they have now released the long awaited JeffTron Leviathan for ASG Scorpion Evo which replaces the original trigger board with a much higher quality and better performing module.

Can't find what you're looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can order it in for you.