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Innovative Designs On All Of Their Products

Tasmanian Tiger is a brand based in Germany and make various rucksacks, plate carriers, molle pouches, tactical gear and accessories specifically catered for the military, police and medical services out in the field. Their high quality materials mixed with inventive and innovative designs mean that Tasmanian Tiger is a must have brand for any regular airsoft player. 

Their gear caters to skirmish and milsim players alike with an impressive catalogue of some of the best quality gear out there.

Premium Tactical Carriers & Pouches

Tasmanian Tiger manufacture premium, high grade tactical gear and accessories including, but not limited to molle plate carriers and molle pouches for almost any application.

Tasmanian Tiger plate carriers are often lightweight, compact and hugs itself to your body once fully adjusted. The molle on these carriers are often laser cut to reduce the overall size and make it as slimline as possible. Each carrier can accomodate real or dummy SAPI plates and mount on any tactical molle pouches with sufficient space for hook & loop morale patches.

Tasmanian Tiger molle pouches tick nearly every box in term of application, they offer pistol magazine pouches to fit most pistol magazines, M4/AR magazine pouches in singles & doubles, as well as specific airsoft gun magazine pouches to fit MP7, HK417, MP5, 40mm grenade pouches and more. Along with a huge catalogue of magazine pouches, Tasmanian Tiger design some of the best pouches for medical professionals like med pouches, tourniquet pouches and IFAK pouches

Their multi-caliber pouches are fully adjustable to fit a huge range of different magazines whilst only ever needing to use one set up. Easily switch between your HK416 rifle loadout and your SR25 DMR loadout. They come in three different sizes.

  • Rifle multi-caliber pouch - Capable of securing anything from an M4/AR magazine up to a 7.62mm sized magazine, such as an SR25 or SCAR-H magazine.
  • Small pistol caliber pouch - Fits any small caliber pistol magazines like Glock series, P226, M92 and others.
  • Large pistol caliber pouch - Designed to fit larger pistol magazines and SMG magazines like the MP5, MP7, Desert Eagle, MP9 and other similar magazines.

Top Quality Field Tactical Gear

Tasmanian Tiger produce some of the most rigid and hard wearing tactical gear on the market, specifically designed for real steel environments, so years of use for airsoft is no issue. They boast a wide selection of products including tactical slings, molle belt rigs, tactical belts, tac utility pouches, dump pouches and much more. Available in a variety of colours including, Black, Olive Drab, Khaki, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Navy Blue and their own 'Carbon'

All of their pouches (unless otherwise stated) use their own MKII molle weave system, designed to be stronger than traditional molle weave with poppers.

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