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Showing 1–21 of 85 results

£30.00 £27.00

30 rounds magazine with battery holder specially designed for Tokyo Marui. TM416C Battery not included

Pistol and Gas magazines

TM M&P9 GBB Magazine 25 rounds


Spare or replacement magazine for TM M&P9 GBB Magazine 25 rounds


Replacement or Spare High cap 540 round magazine for the Tokyo Marui Scar H next Generation Recoil shock


Replacement or Spare High cap 540 round magazine for the Tokyo Marui Scar H next Generation Recoil shock


Spare or replacement magazine Scar H Mid Cap magazines 90 Round Capacity


Replacement Spare magazine for the SCAR L / M4 Next Gen recoil shock Holds 430 Rounds


Tokyo Marui New Gen high cap Holds 430 rounds and is wound at the bottom. The high caps do not work with the recoil bolt stop mechanism


Tokyo Marui AA12 93 round spare or replacement magazine

£95.00 £84.00

Tokyo Marui electric 3000 round drum magazine for AA-12 Electric winding drum magazine for Tokyo Marui AA-12 series electric shotgun. Feel like the ultimate badass room clearing with the first electric shotgun!


Spare / replacement Tokyo Marui Extended Glock mag 50 round Fits TM g17 / G18 etc


Tokyo Marui HK45 Slide release lever Replacement slide stop lever for the Tokyo Marui HK45 Part no. HK45-85

Pistol and Gas magazines

Tokyo Marui kel-tec KSG Gas tank


Tokyo Marui kel-tec KSG Replacement or spare Gas tank Spare gas tank reservoir for Tokyo Marui KSG gas shotgun

Pistol and Gas magazines

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher gas tank


Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher gas canister Spare gas cannister for Tokyo Marui M870 breacher. Situated in the pistol grip. Ideal for longer games.

Pistol and Gas magazines

Tokyo Marui m92 Gas magazine


Replacement or Spare magazine for the TM m92 Gas blow back pistol


Tokyo Marui MTR16 / MWS 20 round magazine Due end of the October Spare or replacement Holds 20 rounds


Tokyo Marui Next Gen 82 round mid cap Dark Earth Suitable for Marui SOPMOD M4 / Scar L / SOCOM / CQC Recoils. Adjustable capacity between 82 rounds and 30 rounds.


Tokyo Marui No.144 AK74 480 Round Magazine Black


Tokyo Marui PSG-1 Short magazine 15 rounds


Tokyo Marui Samarium Cobalt Super High Torque Motor – Long Shaft The Tokyo Marui Samarium Cobalt Super High Torque Motor is a superb high quality part, made by one of the top names in the business. It utilizes the most up to date magnet technology and this makes it a longer lasting motor over others. [...]


Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M Magazine 260 round

Pistol and Gas magazines

Tokyo Marui SP Compact magazine


Tokyo Marui SP Compact magazine Spare or replacement Comes with 2 style base plates


Tokyo Marui is one of the original Airsoft gun manufacturers and designers based in Japan and they build some of the highest quality replicas and airsoft accessories on the market. Most other brands like Classic Army, Arthurian Airsoft, ASG and others all base their airsoft gun designs from the original TM gearbox design. This system has been altered, improved and advanced over the years by various other manufacturers.

Gas blowback pistols

Tokyo Marui gas blowback pistols are all made from high quality ABS plastic and replicate some of the most modern designed pistols like the G17, G19, P226, P320 and many more. Due to the plastic construction, it allows the pistols to be used in the UK all year round in hot or cold weather, making it the most reliable and consistent brand for GBB pistols on the market.

Next Generation Recoil Systems (NGRS)

The Tokyo Marui NGRS system was developed to add the next level of realism for airsoft players without having the constant maintenence of gas blowback rifles. They’re built with a newly designed gearbox for various replicas such as the SCAR-L & SCAR-H, HK416, HK417, M4 Sopmod & CQBR and numerous AK variants.

Other brands like LayLax and Prometheus make high quality upgrade parts for the TM Recoil shock series including gear sets, nozzles, tappet plates, springs and many more parts to allow you to increase the power and performance.

Gas Blowback Rifles

Tokyo Marui have been praised for their recent ZET blowback system incorporated into the build of all of their Gas blowback rifles. The reliable and consitent performance in all temperatures means it can be used all year round in the UK without skipping a beat.

Complete with a Cerakote Firearms Coating finish and the perfect weight to give the most realistic feel to the replica.

Gas Powered Shotguns

The Tokyo Marui gas powered M870 series have enough variants for every player. They use a removable gas tank in the stock or pistol grip, depending if you get the breacher or the full stock version and they take the 30 round shotgun shells, the same as the spring powered shotguns from Tokyo Marui, Double Eagle, Cyma and A&K. These are the original design that was cloned by Secutor and Golden Eagle.

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