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Airsoft Rail Mounted Torches You Can Trust

When choosing a tactical torch or flashlight for your airsoft gun, it can sometimes be a minefield, but with the great selection of torches manufactured by Trustfire, it should make you choice very easy. 

They offer a good selection of illumination options which either mount onto a 20mm picatinny rail or are handheld with a retention clip for a pouch. The rail mounted torches are a fantastic option for airsoft pistols due to the compact design and varying sizes, which means it's easier to find one to fit perfectly with your pistol.

Each torch offers it's own unique features whether it's incredibly bright, like the Trustfire MC1 torch which shines up to 1000 lumens on a full charge, a strobe function like the Trustfire P10, or even the Trustfire G07 torch which has an inbuilt laser aiming module. Most of the Trustfiore range take a CR123a or CR2 battery, whilst some others opt for an internal, rechargable Lithium Ion battery.

Handheld Everyday Carry Flashlights

Trustfire also manufacture a varying range of handheld, everyday carry flashlights which sit comfortably in most tactical pouches. The Trustfire WF-502B flashlight can shine up to 1000 lumens on a fully charged battery and is one of the most popular torches of the Trustfire range due to the amazing price. They also offer 'zoomable' flashlights which have several different lighting modes including a strobe light. 

When looking for a tactical torch, look no further than Trustfire. They make the perfect airsoft gun accessory for a CQB or urban environment with lots of different options available.

Can't find what you're looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can order it in for you.