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WADSN Airsoft Lasers and Sights

WADSN make some of the best airsoft tactical flashlights, lasers, scopes and helmet light accessories around! Build quality is excellent, and are well-known in the airsoft industry for reliability and performance.


Showing 1–21 of 27 results

Gun Torches and Illumination

Wadsn ML FDE Tactical Torch


Gun Torches and Illumination

Wadsn ML PLH V2 Tactical Torch


Gun Torches and Illumination

WADSN HRF Ramp For MOD Button


Airsoft Radio Headsets

Wadsn PTT to Kenwood 2 pin


Gun Torches and Illumination

Wadsn Hel-Star6 IR And Green LED

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Out of stock

Gun Torches and Illumination

WADSN XC1 Compact Pistol Torch


Tactical Flashlights

Primarily known for their 20mm tactical flashlights that are both rugged and have a blinding output, WADSN also makes a variety of other flashlight models. Their DBAL system is one of the most popular airsoft lasers around due in part to its affordability, versatility and performance.

Rail Mounted Torches

WASDN’s rail-mounted tactical torches offer a bright, wide beam that is perfect for illuminating a target or area. Their mini flashlight models are also popular due to their small size and strong build.

Helmet Light Accessories

Airsoft players looking for a helmet light that can stand up to the rigours of the game will want to check out WADSN’s line of products. Their offerings include both flashlight and laser models, as well as a variety of mounts and accessories.

Whether you are looking for a tactical flashlight, laser, scope or helmet light accessory, WADSN is a brand that you can trust to provide you with high-quality products that will perform flawlessly in any airsoft setting.

Skirmish & Mislim Accessories

If you’re looking for a radio communication setup, then WADSN is a great option! Their two-way radios offer clear communication and are built to last.

For those who like to be able to mount accessories to their helmets, WADSN also offers a variety of helmet mounts that will work with the most popular models.