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Rail Mounted Tactical Torches & Personal Lighting Systems

WADSN are a manufacturer of tactical 20mm flashlights, helmet light accessories and laser & light DBAL systems. They offer great tactical solutions to suit any user in any situation.

They manufacture Hel-Star6 IR and Red LED helmet lights which is just one of the many helmet illumination products from WADSN. They are all Velcro® attached meaning they can be attached in any configuration to any Fast helmet cover or onto your Emerson Gear Mohawk pouch.

Most of their illumination accessories are capable of strobe lighting as well as having an Infrared capability for use with night vision optics.

High Quality Helmet & Milsim Accessories

WADSN accessories are great for any airsoft skirmishes and milsims. They even produce radio communication accessories like Tactical throat microphones and Kenwood 2-pin Push to talk buttons. See below for our full range of tactical products by WADSN.

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Pistol Torches and Illumination

Wadsn Hel-Star6 IR And Red LED

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