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Showing 1–21 of 439 results

Speedloaders and magazine accessories

5x WE fill valve main seal o-ring


5x WE fill valve main seal o-ring Replacement O-rings for the WE fill valve. Five O-rings per set. These replace the main outer seal O-ring on the fill valve as pictured.

WE Glock Spare parts

Glock Magazine Feed Lips


We Glock Series replacement feedlips WE genuine parts


Replacement WE m92 magazine feed lips   Genuine part

Pistol and Gas magazines

WE 1911 15RDS GBB Magazine – Black


WE 1911 15RDS GBB Magazine – Black Spare Gas Blow Back magazine for WE 1911 in Black. 15rds. Also works in the Socom Gear version. Features Metal Gas powered Holds 15 rounds


WE 1911 replacement hammer spring Part 54 Replacement hammer spring for 1911 Part 54 in manual


Replacment WE 1911 Magazine Follower   Genuine Part


WE 1911 Replacement Magazine follower Spring   Part 79 Genuine Part


WE 1911 replacement nozzle disc Part 12 Replacement nozzle disc for 1911 series Part 12 in manual


WE 1911 replacement piston Part 12 Replacement standard piston for 1911 series Part 13 in manual


WE 1911 replacement small hammer pin Part 42 Replacement small pin for 1911 hammer Part 42 in manual

WE 1911 Spare parts

WE 1911 Replacment Feed Lips


WE 1911 Replacement Feedlips   Genuine Part


WE 1911 V3 spring guide Part 33 Original part from WE for the 1911 Version 3. Part 33 in the manual. Used to keep the recoil spring and guide rod in place.


WE 1911 V3 outer barrel (silver) Part 24 Original part from WE for the 1911 Version 3. Part 24 in the manual. Used to keep the hop up and barrel assembly in place and work with the slide.


WE 1911 V3 spring guide Part 35 Original part from WE for the 1911 Version 3. Part 35 in the manual Used to guide the recoil spring into the recoil buffer at the front of the slide.


WE Relacement O-ring for 1911 magazine Genuine part Please check part before ordering if you are unsure please drop us a Message


Replacement Hi capa magazine follower   Genuine Part


16rnd Gas Magazine for WE Makarov Series


Spare Magazine for WE Browning Hi-Power Series Airsoft Gas Blowback. 21+1 round capacity.


Replacement WE Browning Loading Nozzle   Genuine Part


Replacement WE browning magazine Follower   Genuine Part


WE Browning Replacement Follower Spring   Genuine Part


WE Tech Gas blowback pistols & Accessories

WE Tech has been part of our online and in store catalogue for years, and over these years, we’ve seen the quality, performance and reliability of WE Tech improve more and more with each batch of products.

WE Tech produce some of the best & most affordable airsoft gas blowback pistols on the market and are always up to date with the newest real steel releases on the market. Most notable of their products are the G17 & G19 series pistols which are renound for their reliability.

Plenty of magazine and spare parts options

One thing we pride ourselves in, is being able to provide spare pistol magazines, extended magazines and many more airsoft magazine accessories for our range of WE Tech pistols, not to mention our extensive catalogue of replacement pistol parts straight from the factory, so no more compatibility issues with aftermarket pistol parts which may or may not fit. Socom Tactical stock spare parts for most WE Tech pistols we stock, including G series parts, Makarov parts, PX4 Bulldog parts, M92 parts, F226 parts, XDM parts, M&P9 parts, Browning Hi-power parts, 1911 parts, Hi Capa parts and more.

On top of these, WE Tech make various accessories like the pistol thread adapters which fit onto nearly every one of their pistols, suppressor & extended barrel kits to fit nearly every pistol and even custom triggers from their more specialised range.

Browse our full range of WE Tech airsoft products below or take a look at our full range of gas blowback pistols.