Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review

Kombat UK Saxon Holdall review

Review of Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L)

Your everyday go bag, even when you are not on the go!

The middle aged coastal raiders from where this plucky little bag gets its name would have not wanted to sail hundreds of miles across the seas to reach new lands only to realise they had left something back at home in “Ye old shack!” – Carry capacity and smart storage is the name of the game with this day bag.

Kombat UK Saxon Bag
Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review

The Saxon Holdall from Kombat UK has the modern day nomad in mind – This smart little bag has been by my side for the last 8 weeks and has really surpassed my expectations. When I went into Socom Tactical I was looking for a small carry bag that I could use as a ‘Hub’ for my everyday kit. I have rucksacks coming out of my rucksacks but I had a more Holdall style bag in mind. This would give me a caddy for all the kit I would need for the day, It could sit flat on the floor next to my desk or work space but would also not be out of place if I plonked it in the middle of the yard or field so I could pick tools from it for whatever I was doing.

Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review
Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review

I decided to go with the Saxon Holdall 35L as it really ticked the boxes with both sizes and layout – The large central opening gave me a place to just throw in the kit, yet the pouches, molle and pockets on the side of the bag meant that I could also keep tool that would be more permanent residents organized and east to grab.

Kombat UK Saxon Features:

  • Large “U Shaped” opening to the main compartment – This also features two-way zips with paracord zip pullers
  • Two carry handles that can be fastened together (so they stay together) for easier “grab and go”
  • 2x zip close side pockets – these are large enough to take a rolled up waterproof jacket or even hat and gloves easily
  • External Molle Straps – This single line of molle along the outside of each end pocket could be used for attaching additional pouches. I have been using mine to attach shock cord to so that my tools have something to loop through, just for that extra level of security.
  • Velcro fasten end slip – Each end pocket also has an open-topped slip that is fastened by a velcro closer. These are perfect for items that you might need to have quick access to like grips, pliers, torches or even paracord and rope.
  • 4x Small Feet – These little feet might not seem like much but they keep the back out of the worst of the wet when you put it down outside.
  • 3x Externals D rings – These are along the front of the bag and have come in handy with hanging extra items from the bag. This is where my hand sanitiser lives on its Karibena (you need this on hand in this day and age!)
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap – This is not something that I have made use of but I do keep it in the side pocket of the back just in case.
  • Velcro name strip – This is a nice feature that means you can attach velcro name tapes to easily ID your bag. Don’t have name tapes? No problem – any patch will do!
  • Carry capacity: 35L (These holdalls also come in 50L, 65L, 100L and 125L)
  • Size: 45cm x 30cm x 25cm

What’s in the bag?

Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review
Kombat UK Saxon Holdall (35L) Review

So these are the permanent residents of my Saxon Holdall (Top right to bottom left):

  • Morakniv Companion (Orange) – I have reviewed this knife before in a previous blog. This knife has come in handy more times than I care to remember – From food prep to opening letters its always sharp and always on hand
  • Fencing pliers – Kind of like five tools in one. Hammer, pliers, wirecutters, pick and hand axe. Have come in handy for repairing fencing at the yard and also cutting wires in the office
  • Milcom 2AA Torch – Very useful now that winter is here and it gets dark before a lot of us have left the office
  • Bailing twine – I have a bunch of this laying around and just stuffed some in the side of my bag because “you never know” this could also be paracord or whatever you have to hand
  • Basic Medical kit – Pain killers, small dressings, Saline wash single bottles, large triangle bandage – Just the basics if you needed to help someone or picked up a small injury and there was nothing else around
  • Large note book
  • Spare trousers and shirt (not pictured)
  • Emerson Pmag Power Bank – This is a great gadget to have with you to keep your devices running. This small power bank not only looks super cool but can also charge your phone up to 4 times!
  • Glow Sticks – These are a must have for me, very useful, very light and waterproof
  • Small write in the rain notebook and pen
  • Hand Sanitiser – You can’t go anywhere without this in 2020!
  • Gaffer/Duck Tape
  • Lighter
  • Chaps stick – Well you don’t want chapped lips do you?
  • Brew kit – this is the reminisce of a british army ration pack with some extra coffee thrown in for good measure. Down at the yard and fancy a brew? In the office and run out of milk? – never leave home without it!
  • Soap in a snap shut bag – the bag will stop it messing up the inside of your bag and again with 2020 being what it is its always good to have something you can clean your hands with
  • Wire saw – This once came in handy for cutting a pvc pipe that was stuck into the ground and iv carried it in my bag ever since.
  • Small and large zip ties
  • Heavy duty glasses case
  • Measuring calipers – These are on hand if I need to measure small parts or straps. Much more accurate than a tape measure

In addition to the above, I will normally have my travel cup and some lunch is thrown in there for good measure. 

This bag is exactly what I was looking for and over the past 8 weeks have been a great travel companion on a day to day basis. The bag is showing no signs of wear (apart from a little dried mud but that can be taken off with a brush) and is still in the same condition as when I bought it.

So is this the bag for you? If you are looking for a sturdy bag with tons of storage that is very affordable (only £24.99 from Socom Tactical) then this is a great option. The Saxon holdall also comes in 4 colour options (Black, OD Green, BTP and BTP Black) and 4 other sizes (50L, 65L, 100L and 125L)

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