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Blank Firing Grenades for Airsoft

Blank firing grenades, or BFGs, are used as both distractions and explosive devices in airsoft for clearing rooms. All of our blank firing grenades are made from high quality metal and/or plastic and are built to withstand 1000s of throws, making them a reliable situational tool for many airsoft engagements. They each chamber either 9mm/.380, .209 shotgun primers or 12g shotgun blanks with various adapter and accessories available to switch between the three options.

There are a wide variety of reusable grenades on the airsoft market. At Socom Tactical, we stock the full range of blank firing grenades from the leading brand Dynatex with numerous accessories available from spare grenade pins to tactical molle pouches

Effectively deployed grenades can enhance and change the way you play, maximising your chances of victory. Better yet because they don’t produce heat like most pyrotechnics you can use them pretty much anywhere. Their flexible design allow for a variety of blanks to be used in them. Simply add an adapter to modify your blank firing grenade to fit shotgun primers or other blanks.

If you play in a noise-restricted site, we recommend you used .209 shotgun primers in your blank firing grenades.

How to use a blank firing grenade

To use a standard blank firing grenade, first remove the ring pull and cartridge chamber. Then use the primer adaptor to push down the firing pin and prime the grenade. Once primed, the lever must be held in place until the ring pull is secured. Pop a grenade blank into the chamber and screw it back in place. The blank firing grenade is now ready to deploy. All you have to do now is pull the pin out, throw and wait for the bang!

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