Airsoft Conversion Kits

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Browse our selection of airsoft conversion kits which range from DMR kits to pistol carbine conversion kits and accessories. These are a mix of front grip attachments, stocks and full carbine kits.

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Airsoft Conversion Kits & Attachments

Socom Tactical is a leading retailer in the UK for airsoft products, including conversion kits for your airsoft guns.

Conversion kits allow you to have two guns for the price of one! With a few easy adjustments, you can transform a simple Glock, for example, into a formidable SMG. Allow yourself to target accurately across longer distances by building a carbine in just 30 seconds.

Pistol Kits: Glock front carbine kit | Emerson FLX stock set

Conversion kits are available for a range of airsoft guns and give an extra level of versatility in your kit – two weapons in one. Whether your airsoft gun is gas blowback or electric, is a rifle, pistol SMG or even sniper rifle, we have a conversion kit for you.

Upgrade your airsoft gun with a conversion kit for extra weight to counter recoil, a charging handle and accessory mounting options.

Check out our range of airsoft conversion kits above.