Airsoft Iron Sight

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Showing all 18 results


E&C Metal 300m Flip Up Front Sight for URX RAS System FEATURES: E&C Metal 300m Flip Up Front Sight. Metal Construction. Replacement flip up front sight for URX RAS System. Suitable for Airsoft URX RAS System or E&C M4 Marksman Rifle AEG (EC-AEG-303-M4CQB-BK). DETAILS: E&C model no. – MP028 Color – Matte Black Weight – [...]


Front and Rear 416 style sights Full Metal 20mm ris mounted Comes as Pair front and back


FMA FBUS Gen2 Iron sights – Dark Earth 20mm fitting Includes adjustment tool


FMA FBUS Gen2 Iron sights – Olive Drab 20mm fitting Includes adjustment tool

Airsoft Iron Sight

ZCI HK416 Style Iron Sights


Zci HK416 Style Iron Sights Front and Rear included may not have painted numbers depending on batch


Oper8 Tactical 45 Degree Offset QD 20mm Rail Riser 1.Fits most Weaver and Picatinny Rails 2.Accepts most scopes and red dots 3.Lever Lock Quick Detach Design 4.Provides steady and solid mount Length: 1.5″ / 39mm Rail: 20mm Flat Top + 20mm 45° Offset Material: High Quality 6061 Aluminum Package Includes: 1x Mount


1.5mm Fibre optic rod for airsoft pistol iron sights with a length of 30mm per rod so you can cut them down to a specific size


2.5mm Fibre optic rod for airsoft rifle iron sights with a length of 30mm per rod so you can cut them down to a specific size


Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Knights iron sights The Knights style flip iron sights can mount onto any standard 20mm picatinny rail and serve as a great back up sight solution to your red dot or reflex sight due to their ability to flip up and down when needed. They are aluminium construction with the ability to [...]


Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Apex iron sights The Apex style flip iron sights can mount onto any standard 20mm picatinny rail and serve as a great back up sight solution to your red dot or reflex sight due to their ability to flip up and down when needed. They are aluminium construction with the ability to [...]


Wadsn Assistant Sights for the DBAL-D2 allows manually aiming even when the DBAL-D2 is not in use works with Iron Sights on your airsoft gun


MBUS style ironsights for mounting on 20mm rails.


Flip up adjustable polymer back-up sights designed to fit any 20mm rail. Never lose accuracy with a set of FBUS


Jing Gong AK74 adjustable rear sight Replacement adjustable rear sight for AK74 series AEG


APS Airgun Ltd specializes in building Simulation Training Equipment, and has recently used their knowledge to step into the airsoft market. The APS Rhino Back-up Sights are constructed of a reinforced poly-fiber that makes them lightweight while still being very durable. They mount firmly to any standard rail system and lay locked in the flat [...]


A set of well made flip-up iron sights. Ideal for use as back-up sights for when your red dot fails or gets shot out.

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•CYMA Steel Type N 500m AK Rear Sight. •Steel Construction. •Adjustable rear sight. •The rear sight has an elevation knob with range indicators from 0 to 500 meters. •Suitable for Ak Series Airsoft Rifle.

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FMA FBUS Gen2 Iron sights – Black 20mm fitting Includes adjustment tool

Iron Sights for Airsoft Rifles and Sidearms

Iron sights and flip up iron sights are attachments for different Airsoft guns which can be placed onto the top rail to customise the weapon.

These sights can help to improve the range and accuracy of the weapon to improve performance rather than buying a new gun with a greater range and accuracy.

FMA Fab type flip up ABS iron sights for 20mm rail

For use on any 1913 Picatinny Rail, this flip-up can be used on the front or rear on a wide range of weapons with M4 / AR-15 / M-16 rifles being the most common to have this type of rail.

This sight is subtle due to its small size which keeps it hidden from enemies as you target them and is less likely to become snagged on clothing or the terrain.

The ability to adjust the windage should allow for a more accurate shot as wind resistance is accounted for and it is easy to adjust without the need for any tools.

This sight is also designed with comfort in mind with dual apertures. The first being 3mm which provides longer eye relief mounting so that the user can get a wide, clear view of what lies ahead allowing for quick target acquisition.

The second aperture at 1.5mm provides shorter eye relief mounting with a focus on greater accuracy and either one can be selected instantly.

The sight will not slip, break or deform while it is attached to your rifle.

Magpul PTS M-Bus Flip-Up Sight black

This is a lightweight flip up which can be placed on the front or back of any gun with a 20mm rail making it a suitable addition to a number of guns.

A reassuring click sound is made once the sight has been locked into position to let you know that it is secure.

The rear sight has adjustable windage so that you can alter it to suit the wind conditions you are fighting in.

The more unique aspects of this site are that it can be folded without the need to release a lock while the release lever can be reached from the left, right and top positions making it easy to reach at all points in time.

CYMA Steel Type N 1200m AK Rear Sight

This rear sight is suitable for use with the AK series of Airsoft rifle to improve its performance.

The metal design makes the rear sight a sturdy accessory which won’t damage easily.

The rear sight is adjustable and the elevation knob provides a range indicator to let you know how far the shot can reach at each point, from 0 up to 1200 metres.

Back-Up Front & Rear Sight Set Black

This front and rear sight combination work on more than one brand of gun with M4/M16 and A-R Series as a flip-up.

The sight can be easily installed by use of an Allen wrench while the sight will remain in place thanks to its locking system.

Both the front and back sights allow for the elevation to be adjusted while the back sight has the added benefit of windage adjustment, which provides a more accurate shot by counteracting the effect of wind resistance.

5KU KAC Knights URX Type Flip-Up Front Sight

Another flip up suitable for M4/M16 and A-R Series, this sight is made of steel making it a durable model to last you a long time.

The built-in latch system keeps the sight locked in place after the recoil effect which comes from shooting the rifle.

Military Action foldable flip up iron sight to replace M4 sight

This flip up is for use on M4 rifles to replace the sight that comes with the original rifle, usually clamped on the rail of the outer barrel.

This is of use if your M4’s original sight’s quality has declined after multiple uses as this can be replaced without the need to buy a brand new rifle.

Cyma AK47 Front Gas block

For the purist, this addition to an AK rifle is a purely aesthetic addition to the rifle as the real thing would come with one to stop excessive gas build-up.