Airsoft Masks

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Airsoft Masks

Explore a wide range of high-quality tactical airsoft masks from top brands like Oper8, Kombat, and Valken. With various styles and designs available, we have something for every airsoft player. Made with durable materials for maximum protection during intense gameplay.

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Airsoft Goggles

Abbey Anti Fog Cloth

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Airsoft Goggles

ESS Reusable No Fog Cloth

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Airsoft Masks

Dye i4 Mask (Black)

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Tactical Airsoft Face Masks

Our specially selected range of airsoft face masks offers maximum protection, comfort, and visibility on the battlefield.

Whether you’re crawling through tight, dusty spaces or running across the open battlefield, our masks will keep your face safe from bullets, dirt, and impacts so you can focus more on your gameplay.

We stock full-face masks that protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from BBs and debris, as well as mesh masks that provide excellent ventilation while still offering protection. These masks come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your personal preference and tactical loadout.

All of our masks are made from durable materials and will withstand the toughest airsoft battles. Many are also adjustable or one-size-fits-all for a comfortable and secure fit.

Explore some of your favourite brands in airsoft, like Oper8, Dye Precision, and FMA, to keep you protected – and looking cool!

The Best Airsoft Face Protection

Mesh face masks are great for those looking for lightweight and breathable protection. They allow for great airflow, making them perfect for hot weather or intense gameplay.

The Oper8 Raptor Balaclava Mesh Mask is a solid choice. This fabric balaclava-style face mask has a sewn-in mesh panel to protect your nose and mouth from hits while still allowing you to breathe easily.

For those who want a bit more coverage and something that looks super cool, check out our selection of Dye Precision masks. The Dye i4 collection features a fantastic range of stealthy and stylish masks with an innovative design that maximises optical clarity and offers top-notch protection.

Whatever level of protection you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our wide range of airsoft masks. Order online today and get free shipping when you spend over £100!

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Wearing a mask during airsoft skirmishes is optional. Some players like the extra protection, while others feel like it obstructs their view or breathing. In this case, a partial mask or mesh mask will be better suited for you.

Sure! A balaclava can be enough to protect you from breathing in dust and smoke that might be kicked up on the battlefield. With that being said, a balaclava isn’t going to offer much protection against head and face hits, so we’d recommend wearing some goggles, too!

Depending on what the mask is made from, wearing one can make face hits hurt less. We recommend opting for hard masks made from moulded polyethene to absorb the power of the hit.

A full-face airsoft mask is the best option for overall protection, as it covers your entire face and head. Dye Precision makes some brilliant masks that are designed using clever technology to stop fogging, too.