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DYE Precision

Dye Precision, established in 1994, has become a leading brand in the airsoft and paintball industries. Known for innovative, high-quality gear, Dye Precision emphasises safety, performance, and style, making it a favoured choice among enthusiasts globally.

We stock a wide range of Dye Precision products to cater to all your airsoft needs. Browse our collection today and elevate your gameplay with the best gear on the market.

Showing all 12 results

Look Cool & Stay Safe With DYE Precision

We have a seriously exciting range of DYE Precision masks to help you look cool and stay safe on the battlefield. These masks offer unparalleled vision clarity, superb breathability, and a firm yet comfortable fit, ideal for any airsoft skirmish or paintballing battle.

DYE Precision masks are renowned in the field for their advanced technology and high-quality materials, aiming to provide maximum safety without compromising on comfort – not forgetting their cool aesthetic and intimidating design!

The Best Airsoft Face Masks Around

The Dye i4 Mask Thermal Camo is the epitome of complete, unmatched performance. The thermal lens ensures unparalleled optical clarity in all weather conditions with a distortion and fog-free horizontal peripheral vision window. The camo colourway is also ideal for airsofting, helping your noggin blend into the woodlands site.

But if you don’t want to go unnoticed, your best bet is the i5 Emerald Mask 2.0. The i5 model is one of the most advances goggle systems in the industry, offering unmatched protection, ventilation, sound processing, and comfort. Plus, it’s pretty hard to ignore the blue and lime-coloured reflective lenses.

And if it’s stealth you’re going for, you’ll love the i4 Pro Shadow Mask in the Black/Grey colourway. This is an intimidating and aggressive-looking mask that’ll fit Special Ops, CQB or SAS loadouts perfectly.

Replacement Lenses for Unmatched Visibility in All Weather

Alongside full DYE eye masks, we also stock replacement thermal lenses for the i4 and i5 masks, ensuring you have the best visibility in all weather conditions.

The Dye i4/i5 Thermal Lens (Clear) is ideal for daytime skirmishes in bright sunlight. This lens offers 100% UV-A, B, and C protection and comes 4d-coated with a permanent anti-fog and scratch coating. Your optical clarity will be top-notch no matter how intense your skirmish becomes!

The HD variation is a great choice for low-light conditions, such as indoor gameplay or a cloudy day. The chromatic lenses significantly reduce glare and enhance contrast, making it easier to spot your opponents in darker environments. As with all Dye Precision lenses, this product comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for improved longevity.

Improve your airsoft game with DYE Precision today!

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DYE Precision masks are unique due to their advanced lens technology that enhances peripheral vision and minimises glare during your action sports, like paintball and airsoft. They offer superior visibility, breathability, and comfort with industry-leading safety designs.

The i5 is DYE Precision’s latest action sports mask, designed with industry-leading innovation. They feature better-than-ever safety, comfort, breathability, and sound processing, which you won’t get with any other mask. The i4 is an older DYE Protection model, but it is still a fantastic face mask. It’s one of the lightest mask models available and features DYE’s signature thermal lenses to prevent fogging.

DYE Precision masks enhance gameplay by providing unparalleled vision clarity, superb breathability, and industry-leading fog prevention. Their advanced lens technology allows for peripheral vision with minimal glare, ensuring you always have a clear view of your surroundings during intense gameplay.

Yes, DYE Precision provides a range of replacement lenses for their masks. These lenses are designed to ensure the best visibility in all weather conditions and come with a permanent anti-fog and scratch coating. Always use genuine DYE Precision lenses with your mask to ensure full protection goggle coverage, more venting, and increased moisture evaporation.