Airsoft Pyrotechnics

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Add some excitement to your skirmishes with our explosive selection of airsoft pyrotechnics! Catch your opponents by surprise using our smoke grenades, thunderflashes and BB grenades with incredible visual and sound effects.

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Airsoft Pyrotechnics

FBS MK5 Snapper .3g


Airsoft Pyrotechnics

FBS M38 Multi Bang (Friction)

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Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Tag Innovations Reaper MK2 3.5S

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Blast Into Airsoft With Our Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Give yourself or your team an advantage in your next battle with our airsoft pyrotechnics! We stock smoke grenades, flash bangs and BB grenades for close-knit and long-range airsoft skirmishes.

These grenades are fantastic for adding another level of realism to your battles and gaining the upper hand over your enemy.

We’ve got you covered with a collection of quality pyros that’ll help you distract or incapacitate your opponents or make a quick escape from a sticky situation – either way, they’ll be sure to add a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to your skirmishes!

Harness the Element of Surprise With Smoke Screens

A large part of winning a skirmish is staying one step ahead of your opponent.

The Tag Innovations Velum Smoke Screen Projectile is the perfect way to move without being seen or to disorientate the enemy. Keeping a couple of these in your arsenal offers you the perfect escape plan when you need it.

Confuse the Enemy With Single & Multi-Bang Devices

Single and multi-bang devices are ideal for bringing extra realism to your skirmish. The loud noise and accompanying flash help create an immersive experience that increases the fun.

The Thermobaric Multi Bang is the ultimate Flash Bang to disorientate and distract your opponents. The flash is dazzling, while the sound is just loud enough to allow you to move undetected without drawing too much attention. Your kit isn’t complete without one of these!

Complete Your Loadout With Our Airsoft Pyros

Take advantage of close-knit squads of opponents with our MK5, MK7, MK9 or BB grenades or distract the enemy with a smokescreen or flashbang. Whichever you choose, you can be sure it’ll make your battle more exciting!

You can even join our Consumables Club and receive 10% off all pyrotechnics, airsoft BBs, maintenence items, spray paint, Oper8 batteries and much more!

PLUS, we offer bulk deals on pyrotechnics starting from a minimum of 5 (product specific), so stock up on smoke grenades and MK5s with your friends to make the most of the discounts.

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There is no blanket rule about whether smoke screens are allowed at skirmish sites. You should always check with the owners of the site and seek permission where applicable. 

This depends on the type of grenade. BB grenades are powered by CO2 or green gas, which propels the BBs inside the grenades.

Absolutely! Using pyrotechnics like grenades in airsoft is the perfect way to make it more immersive and realistic. There are different types of pyrotechnics you can use that offer different effects. We stock a wide range of products that can elevate your airsoft game and improve the experience.

Flashbang grenades or projectiles are extremely effective at disorientating your opponents. They can cause temporary deafness and blindness as well as a loss of balance. This gives you enough time to launch a surprise attack, move around opponents to get a better vantage point, or simply gain the upper hand.