Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

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Our expansive selection of pistol silencers, tracers and suppressors helps to keep stealthy airsofters one step ahead of the competition!

Whether you need quick detachable airsoft pistol silencers or flash hiders, or a full auto tracer unit with a heatshield, you’ll find everything in our online store.

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Showing 1–21 of 67 results

Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Oper8 CW 3″ Lightweight Barrel Extension


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Oper8 CCW 3″ Lightweight Barrel Extension


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Oper8 CCW 4″ Lightweight Barrel Extension


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Modify OBserver Over-Barrel Mock Suppressor (Tan)


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Modify PP-2K Suppressor -14mm CCW (225mm)


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Modify Warface Suppressor -14mm CCW (210mm)

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Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

E&C Noveske Sound Hog


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Maple Leaf 215mm Whisper Suppressor (14mm & 16mm)


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Silverback Carbon dummy suppressor, XL, 24mm CW


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

Silverback Carbon dummy suppressor, XXL, 14mm CCW


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

FMA +-14mm 107mm silencer – US Air Force


Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

FMA 35x198mm +-14mm silencer – Noveske


Airsoft Suppressors

Airsoft Suppressors are an ideal tool for diminishing noise and visible muzzle flash when shooting airsoft guns. Designed to fit onto the barrel of a gun, silencers can significantly lessen sound output as well as dissipate light from firing certain types of weapons.

In addition, the extended barrel length helps improve accuracy without the need for a barrel extension. We supply over-barrel suppressors, as well as octagon suppressors.

We recommend: Modify OBserver Over-barrel Mock Suppressor

Airsoft Silencers

Take your stealth and infiltration missions to the next level with a top-notch airsoft silencer from Socom Tactical. Our selection of silencers are second-to-none!

A silencer can help reduce airsoft gun noise, give you a tactical advantage and turn your airsoft gun into an even deadlier weapon. Plus, with our airsoft suppressors and airsoft barrels, you can increase accuracy and range too.

With clockwise and counterclockwise threads on either end, camo options and more, you’ll find our airsoft silencers are reliable and fully customisable.

We recommend: WE Pistol Silencer + Extended Inner Barrel

Airsoft Pistol Suppressors

Airsoft pistol silencers are very useful for quiet and close CQB engagements, providing you with the opportunity to gain a tactical edge.

They also provide you with the option for stealth action without needing to modify your airsoft weapon on the fly. Foam suppressors are vital when wanting to silence your shots during CQB.

Pistol suppressors are the perfect complement for airsoft rifles and pistols. These sound moderators conveniently attach to your gun’s barrel, helping you shoot more quietly and accurately.

We recommend: ASG MK23 SOCOM Pistol + Barrel Extension Silencer

Tracer Units

Step up your airsoft game and harness the power of darkness with a tracer unit!

When you pair it with BBs, its luminescence will make it look like straight outta Hollywood. You’ll be able to easily track where each round is flying – perfect for those low-light skirmishes.

We recommend: Acetech Predator QD Tracer Unit