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Socom Tactical is your go-to for reliable hop units and rubbers for your airsoft guns. We provide an extensive collection of high-quality products that are designed to enhance the accuracy, range, and power of your firearms.

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Showing 1–21 of 126 results

Hop Units & Rubbers

JG G36 Hop up unit


Hop Units & Rubbers

JG MP5K Hop up Unit


Hop Units & Rubbers

JG Bar-10 / VSR Hop Unit


Hop Units & Rubbers

JG G3 Hop up unit


Hop Units & Rubbers

Maple Leaf Omega Hop Up Nub


Hop Units & Rubbers

EPES M60 / RPK CNC hop unit


Airsoft Hop Units & Rubbers

Our collection includes hop-up rubbers, hop-up service kits, hop buckings, and hop-up chambers for a whole range of airsoft guns – all essential components of a powerful and accurate shooting experience.

We only stock the best airsoft brands in the business, so you can be confident that you’re getting a product of the highest quality when you shop with us.

Hop-Up Units

Hop-up units – or high-operation power-up units – are small, adjustable parts of an airsoft gun that work to increase the range of your airsoft BBs using the Magnus Effect. More backspin is put on the BB bullets, enabling them to fly further and more accurately.

We stock airsoft hop-up units that are compatible with a range of airsoft guns, including the M4, Marui GBB series, VSR10 series, and many, many more.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from aluminium hop-up units or plastic hop-ups. 

Aluminium hop-up units are the more expensive option, but they provide increased stability and resistance to wear and tear. But plastic hop-ups are great alternatives if you’re looking for a cheaper option that will still perform well.

Hop-Up Rubbers

Hop-up rubbers work with the hop-up units and buckings to assist in increasing the range of your airsoft BBs. Rubbers work to increase the friction on the fired BBs to enhance backspin, helping to improve shooting accuracy and range.

We stock a variety of hop-up rubbers, including the Modify Predator series. These rubbers are crafted from aircraft silicone material that is designed to be especially tough, resistant to wear and operate even in extreme temperatures.

If you want to take your airsoft shooting accuracy to the next level, then get your hands on quality airsoft hop-up units, rubbers and buckings from Socom Tactical. 

Shop from our extensive collection today, and enjoy free shipping on orders over £100.


A hop-up unit is a small, adjustable part on an airsoft gun that increases the range of your BB shots using the Magnus Effect. It works to add a backspin on the fired airsoft BBs, which causes more accuracy in your shots.

Adjusting the hop-up will change how much backspin is put on the BBs. A weaker setting will allow for less backspin, while a stronger setting will allow for more backspin.

The Airsoft Pro Hop-up Unit for Well is a high-precision unit designed to improve your airsoft gun’s power, range and accuracy. These hop units are crafted with aluminium alloy for increased strength and stability and are compatible with a range of different airsoft models.

The hop-up rubber degree relates to how much backspin the hop-up unit applies to the BBs. The higher the degree, the more backspin is put on the bullets. Generally, a degree of 50 or 60 is ideal for most airsoft AEGs.