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Showing all 15 results


the larger IFAK medic pouch by Tasmanian Tiger. This has several elastic loops and attachments on the internal panel ideal for any medical equipment


Fully openable first aid kit pouch from Emerson Gear. Molle mounted and internal elastic straps to keep all your gear in place


Emerson Gear Blowout medic pouch for easy access to IFAK and trauma kits


Made from High-grade 1000D nylon.Lightweight,rugged and durable Features an external front zipped pocket with velcro loop,as well as multiple elastic slots on the inside of the pouch. With three molle straps on the back, making it go through the horizontal loop first for attaching to MOLLE vests and backpacks more securely. Very versatile in use.It [...]


Ideal molle medic pouch for any plate carrier set-up needing a medium amount of medical supplies for the field

Medic Pouch

5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch


UCR IFAK pouch designed to be quickly accessed from anywhere in a vehicle by being mounted onto a car headrest or mounted with 5.11 Tactical Slickstick molle system


A molle mounted TKN pouch to carry the essential med gear out on the field. Available in three colours


FMA Combat application tourniquet is designed to be easy and quick to deploy out on the field with a high-quality aluminium grab handle


A med pouch which is easily accessible anywhere on your kit to access the first aid gear you need on the field


A molle mounted tourniquet pouch by Tasmanian Tiger with a low profile design allowing easy access from anywhere on your kit


A molle mounted tourniquet pouch by Tasmanian Tiger with a quick-release hook & loop system and pull tab


Tasmanian Tiger Medic Panel EL Set – Black The Tasmanian Tiger Medic panel set is a great item for storing your medical equipment securely. The smaller panel features a velcro backing for attaching to the inside of velcro equipped Tasmanian Tiger backpacks, other velcro panels or velcro backed pouches. It aslo has adjustable elastic cords for [...]


A small IFAK pouch/med pouch for carrying essential EMT and medical supplies out in the field. Comes with an insert board with loads of bungee for organisation


Molle mounted application tourniquet holder pouch by FMA. Open-top design for quick access

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Ideal for a small amount of medical and first aid supplies needed quickly and easily reachable on your plate carrier