Tactical Airsoft Gear

Combat-Ready Airsoft Gear From Socom Tactical

There are a number of different clothing and equipment options with some elements being more important than others.

In terms of Airsoft clothing, you can buy gloves as well as knee and elbow pads but these are largely optional additions to your attire for added comfort, warmth or protection against grazes.

Ghillie suits are a good option for those who want to go the extra mile with their camouflage although it may not be suited to every terrain you play on.

Gun bags are useful for storing your guns and transporting them to and from places but on the skirmish site itself, these aren’t always necessary.

A rucksack may be the better choice for transporting weapons as the shoulder straps mean you don’t have to carry it by hand and rucksacks can be more versatile in their use for storing other items as well as weapons.

5.11 VTAC 2-Point Padded Sling (Black)

Instead of a gun bag, you may be better off buying a sling such as this one which can be used on standard-sized rifles and submachine guns rather than on a specific brand of weapon.

The sling allows you to carry guns over your shoulder, made even more comfortable with enhanced shoulder padding.

With a sling, you can swing the gun to whichever side you need in a flash and it allows you to draw the firearm closer to your body.

5.11 Universal TacTec holster 2.0 (Black)

Another useful alternative to gun bags are holsters which can be attached to your attire at a number of different points through its hook and loop system.

This simple holster is designed to house compact and full-size pistols and is both customisable and adjustable to suit your needs all while retaining its shape.

JACK PYKE shotgun cartridge belt

Any belt on the list has a practical use but why not go for one which has an additional use such as this one.

The belt has space for 26 shotgun cartridges while the fully adjustable waist makes it a comfortable belt to wear as well, to have it as tight or loose as you like.

Kombat UK Patrol boots – All leather Brown (Size 9) (comes in other sizes) & Bridgedale Essential Kit Trekker Men’s Sock Large Black

Sturdy boots and socks are necessary to protect your feet from the effects the weather has on your general body temperature as well as the way if affects the ground of the terrain.

These socks are large but mid-weight meaning that they offer protection against the cold but are not too heavy and restrictive as woolly ones. Likewise, the boots have a 3m Thinsulate lining to keep your feet warm.

The PU sole with steel shank is anti-slip which provides improved grip and stability on hilly or muddy terrain.

The inner sole is removable and can be replaced so when it has become worn out, you can slot a new sole in rather than having to buy a new pair of boots.

5.11 MULTICAM® TDU® LONG SLEEVE SHIRT Small & 5.11 MultiCam TDU Pants (M)

This multicam combination provides a very modern and traditional look of an army attire although the style of other clothing may suit particular skirmish sites to blend into your surroundings.

Multicam simply covers the largest number of possible terrains you may encounter to ensure visibility of yourself is constantly low.

The shirt and pants may look simple but they are built to last. They can resist scuffs, abrasions and tears as well as repel liquid, stains and soil.

The shirt has 38 individual bartacks which provide reinforced stitching at key stress points to ensure the fabric doesn’t rip while the pants also benefit from extensive bartacking and triple stitched areas.

There are hidden pockets in the chest suitable for carrying documents or a sidearm which you can gain quick access to while the pants have pockets suitable for magazine storage as well as secure rear pockets.

The self-adjusting waistband ensures a comfortable fit throughout the skirmish whether you are on the move or sat in one place.

FMA AirFrame style helmet – Mutlicam

This helmet is also multicam giving it the same benefits as the shirt and pants listed above and the straps can be adjusted to ensure it fits comfortably on your head.

Other helmets and headwear are there to simply protect your head from the weather such as caps and balaclavas while proper helmets can provide camouflage and protection.

ASG Tactical Anti Fog glasses – Clear

There are a number of eyewear options as these are a must in the Airsoft world to protect your eyes from pellets.

These glasses not only protect your eyes against pellets but also against dust as the foam padding provides a barrier to keep your eyes clear while the vented frame and lens can keep the heat out too.

These glasses provide comfort as well as protection with a wide cushioned nose piece to allow it to rest easily on your nose as well as choice of temples or headband; whichever you choose, these can both be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit.

Being unaffected by fog is an added bonus which gives these glasses the edge over some of the others on offer so that your visibility remains unaffected.