Tracer Units

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Shop our tracer units for the ultimate advantage in the dark! When combined with tracer BBs, your round will light up, enabling you to see where your BB is going, just like in the films. Read More

Showing 1–21 of 29 results

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Airsoft Tracer Units

Airsoft tracer units are a superb way of elevating your game, making it more realistic whilst giving you a visibility advantage over opponents! With the release of tracers like the Bifrost, they’re a great way to accessorise RIFs for a unique look.

Tracer units are a must-have for a nighttime airsoft game. Acetech units are the perfect addition to your airsoft gun, designed to emit a brightly lit beam that follows the path of BBs fired from your airsoft gun.

Plus, you can enjoy a USB-C port for easy charging and keep up with up to 35 RPS.

Get your ideal tracer unit for your game with Socom. We stock a huge range of airsoft guns and accessories to help you perfect your game!

Take a look at our tracer BBs that pair perfectly with your new airsoft tracer for perfect night vision. Shop only the best airsoft kit with Socom Tactical!


A tracer unit features a built-in UV LED. When you fire your Bb through the tracer, it passes by the LED for a brief period of time which lights a phosphorous coating, allowing you to see your BB’s path with ultimate vision.

Accordion Item 1 Content Goes HereMost airsoft guns are compatible with tracers, but please check the product specification before buying to be sure. We stock a range of tracer units with unique characteristics to provide you with the perfect fit for your airsoft gun.

Socom Tactical has a huge range of tracer BBs to pair with your chosen tracer. Shop from a range of 0.20g, 0.25g or 0.28g BBs. Shop biodegradable options for more advanced airsoft play whilst respecting the planet.

Yes. A tracer unit is required to see your tracer BB’s properly. This equipment is designed for night use and requires the phosphorous coating of a tracer BB to work to its full potential.