What is a Airsoft Mosfet?

What is a airsoft Mosfet
What is a Airsoft Mosfet?

What is a MOSFET?

A MOSFET means a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor. It is a well-known type of Field effect transistors(FET). It can be called an (IGFET) insulated-gate field-effect transistor. A MOSFET is commonly manufactured by well-handled oxidation of silicon. The device conductivity is determined by the voltage of an insulated gate which comes with it. Conductivity change and change in the amount of applied voltage is an alternative for switching or amplifying electronic signals. The birthplace of MOSFET was at Bell-Labs in the year 1959 by Dawn kahng and Martin Atalla.

The manufacturing of the MOSFET was achievable by a process that involved putting an insulating layer on the surface of semiconductor material and place a metallic gate electrode on it. The gate material is a conductor in all cases. The commonly know gate type is polycrystalline silicon. Although it’s acceptable, it is not a good conductor of electricity. This fact of it not being a good conductor of electricity has led to some good number of technical deficiencies. Because of the random manufacturing of MOSFETs, you can simply identify a good MOSFET by checking the wiring. MOSFET consists of three wires and must be directly connected to the trigger contacts. Therefore any MOSFET that does not have these two attributes will not be able to regulate current and thereby damaging the trigger contacts. When compared with bipolar junction transistors, the main benefit of the MOSTEF is to be able to control the load current without even needing an input current to start with. This makes MOSFET the commonest transistor in a digital circuit. It could be found in any device involving a circuit. A misnomer is used to term the metal in MOSFET’s meaning because a layer of polysilicon can be used as the gate material sometimes. The MOSFET is also known to be the very first practical field-effect transistor. It became employed in most devices with a circuit as time passed. The MOSFET made use of crystalline silicon for semiconductor and a heated oxidized film of silicon dioxide for the insulator. You might wonder why a silicon dioxide is used for the insulator. The main reason is that silicon dioxide is a dielectric. And this dielectric is often termed gate dielectric because it lies below the gate electrode. At first, it was only two types of MOSFET. These were; PMOS (P-type MOS)  and NMOS(N-type MOS). A well-known application of the MOSFET is the radio frequency amplifiers. MOSFET is used here as analogy signals and power amplifiers. The MOSFET could also be used as an oscillator in radio systems or as a mixture in the conversation of frequencies.

What is an Airsoft MOSFET?

The Airsoft MOSFET doesn’t have a specific definition but a well-constructed illustration of how it works. This illustration clearly defines what it is all about. The MOSFET duty in a gearbox is to serve as a gate or hedge between the motor and the trigger in a number of high-end Airsoft rifles. The MOSFET really helps in the preservation of the trigger contacts in the airsoft electric guns (AEG). This is done by proper regulation of the current going into the trigger assembly from the battery. Then when full compression of the trigger has taken place, and full contact has occurred, the gun will cycle. Although the firing of the gun will not be possible until there are a firm and complete electric circuit. In a case where the connection is weak and unstable, carbon will build upon the trigger contacts. This is very important to note because in a case where the battery doesn’t release a stable and consistent flow electric current, some sort of current regulation is caused. This current regulation that occurs is the main cause of carbon buildup in a battery. The occurrence of a carbon build-up is a very dangerous risk you wouldn’t want to undertake. This is the reason why; Firstly, it will make contacts to stick periodically, and this may result in the gun shooting continuously on complete auto, and even when the trigger has been released. This action will hinder you from releasing a shot until contacts are released from sticking to each other. And secondly, the ability of the contacts letting you shoot the gun when the trigger is pulled is reduced. Therefore you should consider a good type of battery to use. You should also note that a MOSFET doesn’t really prevent carbon buildup, but it helps in reducing the unwanted occurrence of it. A preferable LiPo(Lithium-Polymer)  battery. This type of battery is considered because of it’s higher discharge rate and available amps compared to the NiMH style batteries or other old batteries. There is a small electrical bridge that has a specific duty in the trigger contacts. Its duty is to span the opening gaps in the trigger contacts. This is an electrical bridge is called an arc. An arc is the effective result of the higher amperage and discharge rate. The only problem with this sector is that more amps would be drawn by the airsoft motor than the trigger contacts are able to withstand. This problem is common among batteries with high amp delivery. But the presence of LiPo batteries has subdued this issue due to its available high amperage batteries that work better in the guns. There are various components that make the airsoft MOSFET suitable for airsoft. These components have two major duties. These duties assigned to them are; they serve as protection from the overvoltage to the MOSTEF, and they offer protection against battery discharge. It is advisable that MOSFET isn’t a necessary requirement in an airsoft gun, except it is used to control the gunfire rate and its a high-end expensive gun that makes use of heavy-duty LiPo batteries. The airsoft MOSFET are often big in size; this is because it contains some other components inside. And all these components have their various functions and specific duties.

What is a JeffTron MOSFET?

Jefftron Airsoft MOSFET is some sort of MOSFET designed for airsoft electric guns (AEG). It has a specific duty which it carries out when installing on an airsoft electric gun(AEG). This duty is to increase a gun’s rate of fire and also making its battery last longer than the normal basic wiring system. Integration in a Jefftron MOSFET is done inside the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts. The Jefftron MOSFET is also known with some great features such as; easy installation in an airsoft electric guns, a lacquer coated for weather resistance, not much current consumption in its idle mode, no sparking on switch contacts and it can be run on some specified  common batteries up to 17V(NiMH 8.4-12v, LiPo 7.4-14.8v). The origin of the Jefftron was in 2011. They have been manufacturing electronic devices for airsoft guns for almost a decade. In a Jefftron MOSFET, each MOSFET can be easily removed without having to open the gearbox. This is simply done by using any of the three wires that go into the gearbox from the MOSFET. The Jefftron MOSFET is known for its compatibility and affordability. The Jefftron MOSFET is currently being used on some guns now, and there hasn’t been any issue or malfunctioning reported about it yet. Which means it’s a stable and reliable MOSFET.   Check out these Great Mosfet manufactures

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