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UK-based airsoft brand Arthurian Airsoft offers quality guns, accessories and equipment for all levels of airsoft players – from beginners to veterans. All their weapons are tested in the factory, ensuring that your product is its best before it even arrives on your doorstep.

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Showing 1–21 of 27 results

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Springs and spring guides

Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Spring Guide

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Airsoft Assault Rifles

Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Recon

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Why Choose Arthurian Airsoft?

Arthurian Airsoft started development in late 2018 with a goal to try and test all of their manufactured airsoft weapons at their factory – as well as in the UK – so that you can be fully confident your gun will perform to the best of its ability.

No more worrying about receiving a dud gun or purchasing aftermarket parts.

Because their Arthurian airsoft weapons are quality-checked and tested in the UK, you know you’re only receiving the best when choosing this brand. Plus, they offer a wide range of weapons and accessories so that you can fix up your airsoft gun and customise it for any scenario you might be playing in.

Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Guns

Arthurian Airsoft pride itself on its Excalibur range of airsoft guns. These AEGs are manufactured with full metal construction to replicate their real-life counterparts, providing you with a reliable, durable weapon in any gaming situation.

The Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Recon is the perfect example of this. This M4 AEG is an excellent replica of the real-life M4 and has a range of great features, like a 6-point adjustable stock, a 4″ long outer barrel and a foam-filled integrated suppressor that is 7.5″ long.

These Arthurian airsoft weapons will be the “backbone of your arsenal” and will perform in any game you throw at them.

Arthurian Airsoft Spares and Accessories

Plus, they have a range of accessories to choose from so that you can customise your Excalibur AEG to your exact needs.

At Socom Tactical, we stock a huge selection of Arthurian Airsoft spares, like pistol grips, body pins, iron sights, high cap magazines, and loads more. Whatever you need for your Arthurian Airsoft weapon, you’re sure to find it here.

Our team of expert airsoft technicians are also on-hand to answer any questions you might have – from repairing and maintaining your Arthurian Airsoft gun to helping select the right upgrades and accessories.

Shop our Arthurian Airsoft selection now and pick the perfect gun for your next game. You won’t be disappointed! Free shipping on all orders over £100.


Arthurian Airsoft is a UK-based airsoft brand that specialises in manufacturing high-quality, reliable, durable guns, accessories, and equipment. They began development in late 2018 and are working on expanding their range, which currently includes their popular Excalibur range.

Yes, Arthurian Airsoft is a great brand. All their weapons are tested in the UK for quality and reliability, so you can be sure you’re only receiving the best airsoft weapons when you shop with them. You can find a whole range of Arthurian Airsoft weapons and accessories here at Socom Tactical.

The M4 airsoft model is an AEG – or an Automatic Electric Gun. AEGs are the most popular type of airsoft gun, as they are powered by a rechargeable battery and fired with an electric motor. They are especially good for beginner players and one of the most popular models among all airsoft players.